6 Wedding Mistakes You Might Be Making

Top 6 Wedding Mistakes You Might Be Making

1. Not hiring a day of coordinator.

Most brides don’t realize just how hectic and crazy the wedding day actually is. It is SO worth it to have someone who makes a schedule and keeps it for you. Someone who can make sure your bridesmaids hair gets done on time, who can make sure pictures don’t take away from your reception time, who can run your rehearsal and someone who can take all the timeline stress off of you! You’re going to have so much on your mind that day, don’t add to the pile. I always recommend brides hire a full on wedding planner (which is much more affordable than you think btw), but if you can’t do that, then you would be shocked how affordable just a day of coordinator is!

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2. Spending too much time on Pinterest.

I love Pinterest as much as the next living/breathing female, but all of its magical inspiration powers are kind of a double edged sword. A constant stream of ideas is great for getting you started, but it can also cause confusion and indecision if you aren’t careful. Once you have chosen your theme, stop looking! Once you’ve decided on your bouquet, stop searching for bouquets, and once you’ve made your decisions, don’t doubt them. Pinterest can also be completely unrealistic. Some of the DIY ideas (and recipes!) just plain don’t work and a lot of the things you see, especially with weddings, are from events with huge budgets. You can’t take a picture of a $500 centerpiece to your florist and ask her to recreate it for $50…it’s just impossible. Pinterest is wonderful, but use with caution!

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3. Not thinking about the guest’s perspective.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details that we forget about the fact that when it comes down to it, a wedding is simply a huge party and you are the host. Your guest experience should be one of your top priorities. Make sure they feel valued, important and above all, not inconvenienced. Don’t make them wait around for two hours while you take pictures (or at the very least provide food and alcohol accordingly), don’t make them travel an hour between your ceremony and reception site and if you’re getting married in August, provide shade and water for their comfort. Also, don’t skimp out on food and drink. People love food (and alcohol) so if you want a really great party, provide great options in both!

4. Not thinking about the bridal party’s perspective.

Anyone who has ever been a bridesmaid can probably identify with this one. Your bridesmaids might feel honored and privileged to be asked to be in your wedding, but maybe not so thrilled about having to spend $300 on a dress, $50 on shoes AND have to travel and get a gift for the wedding and shower…and fork out money for the bachelorette party. It adds up…quickly. Put yourself in their shoes and try to make decisions with them (and their wallets!)  in mind. And lastly, don’t be offended if they decline to take part for financial reasons. This is a legitimate reason for a lot of people so try and be understanding.

6 Wedding Mistakes You're Probably Making! Read more http://applebrides.com/2013/10/17/6-wedding-mistakes-you-might-be-making/

5. Not hiring a videographer.

This is a big one. Most brides who didn’t hire a videographer will say they wish they had. It might sound like an extra expense right now, but believe me (as someone who didn’t have one) you will regret it later. And your cousin behind the camcorder is NOT the same thing. Looking through photos is great, but imagine being able to relive the whole day over again. Seeing your Dad tear up when he sees you in your dress the first time or your flower girl smile at her mom as she comes down the aisle are moments you might miss unless they are recorded. Not to mention, how fun would it be to show your grandkids how awesome you looked?!

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6 Wedding Mistakes You're Probably Making! Read more http://applebrides.com/2013/10/17/6-wedding-mistakes-you-might-be-making/

6. Forgetting the point.

It’s so easy to lose perspective when you are licking a million envelopes and discussing color palettes, but honestly, the most important thing to remember is that a wedding is a celebration of a new marriage. We should be spending as much, or more, time preparing ourselves for the lifetime commitment we are making. Get enrolled in a pre-marriage course, spend time with your fiancee planning your future (beyond the wedding date) and try to enjoy the process!

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