DIY Reader Wedding at French Gulch Farm

People are always asking me my advice for planning a wedding on a budget, and my response is always the same. Make a list of priorities and budget accordingly. That is exactly what Leigh-Anne and Destry did for their wedding at French Gulch Farm and Garden, and I have to say, I think their priorities were dead on. They wanted a great party, a great photographer and great food, it doesn’t get better than that! The couple also put a lot of time and effort into some impactful DIY projects that not only make this wedding budget friendly, but also incredibly unique and beautiful. They made all the floral arrangements out of cotton!

Leigh-Anne was kind enough to give some advice about how to pull together a stylish wedding on a tight budget. Be sure to read her thoughts below!





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Advice from Leigh-Anne:

“We wanted two things for our wedding: a small, intimate party (emphasis: PARTY) and a LOT of great food. As owners of a historic house in the throes of restoration, keeping the costs low was not optional. We didn’t use credit or set a hard budget, but made a mental list of what would cost money and spent according to our priorities. The biggest impact was the headcount; limiting our guest list to 40 allowed us to keep costs down, and throw a better party. Another factor we had on our side was time – we spent nearly two years engaged and it allowed us to research our plan more carefully and purposefully.

My top priority was photos, but we are lucky to have two close friends who are photographers who gifted their services to us. Without them, we would have easily doubled our total cost. Destry’s making sure to have plenty of varied food and drink for everyone. We chose to splurge on catering despite multiple offers from family members to cook, because, ultimately, we wanted everyone to be able to just show up. 

Because French Gulch already has such lush gardens, we could have easily gone overboard. We made all of the arrangements using cotton purchased online and supplemented with cuts from our parents’ gardens. We spent an incredible amount of time working with the cotton, but it easily saved us a small fortune. Bonus: It’s already dried, so it’ll last forever.” 


Venue: French Gulch Farm and Garden
Furniture Rental: The Attic
Catering: Couple of Chefs
Attire: Bride – David’s Bridal, Groom – Duchess Clothier, Portland, OR
Hair: Bride – Douglass McCoy at Urbanna, Groom – Porter’s Barber Shop, Spokane, WA
Makeup: DIY
Flowers, bouquet and decor: Bride and Groom did all the decor with dried wildflowers and cotton purchased online. Tabletop arrangements were styled by Groom’s brother and sister in law. (Bride made bouquet, Groom made his own boutonniere)
Invitations: Online printables (We purchased the full suite; including save the dates, thank you cards, and custom map)
Photographers: Andrew Callaci (Portland) and Nicole Varnell (Spokane)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be sure to check back on Friday, we will be posting some KILLER deals from local vendors!


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