Vendor Spotlight: Marsell’s Cakes & Desserts

We are so excited to be adding Marsell’s Cakes & Desserts to our Featured Vendor list. Owner Marcel puts an emphasis on baking with the best ingredients and not taking shortcuts. She personalizes all of her creations to her clients needs and makes sure that they not only look beautiful, but also taste delicious!

Marcel also makes some fabulous alternative desserts like eclairs, whoopie pies, cookies and pretty much anything you can think of, so no matter what dessert you’re considering, a call to Marcel should be your first step!

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How long have you been creating cakes and other desserts?

I’ve been doing desserts and cakes since I was a young teenager. I came from a large  family and I was the oldest girl, so I made cakes/desserts for the whole family! I was hooked! I went to college and received my AAS degree in baking in my 30’s. Marsells Cakes and Desserts was started in January 2004.

 What types of desserts do you specialize in?

At Marsells, we especially enjoy doing cakes for any occasion along with wedding tiered cakes and sculpted cakes. We prefer buttercream over fondant for our cakes for the flavor and better eating quality. The desserts we do include cupcakes, petit fours, brownies, upside down pineapple cakes, haystack macaroons, whoopie pies, eclairs, lemon bars, dessert cookies, and hand decorated cookies.

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What makes your desserts and service unique?

Many of the desserts we do are what we call retro, because people remember the desserts from when their mom/grandma made them. Although we do many flavors we do two signature flavors that are very popular, lemon cake with raspberry filling and lavender cake with vanilla cream filling. We take customer service very seriously; we treat our customers with respect and want them to experience the best service we can possibly give them.

 Do you deliver and set up?

We offer delivery and along with that we setup the cakes or dessert bars for a great photo opportunity to show off what we have made. Many times our delivery is at no cost for wedding cakes, depending on the size of the cake.

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What is your favorite/most popular dessert?

I think our most popular dessert would be a toss-up between our chocolate dipped petit fours and our pastry cream filled éclairs. We have been told that our éclairs are the best around town! Our petit fours come in any flavor and most any size desired.

Do you make custom desserts?

We customize our cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and petit fours to match whatever the theme is, whether it is a delicate baby or bridal shower, wedding, or grooms party. We want our customers to have what they want, and we work towards their goal together to achieve that.

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Can you cater to special dietary needs?

We don’t do any vegan baking, sugar free, or dairy free, but we do have a couple cookies that are gluten free or dairy free, and a cake that is free of nut allergens, and we also use a delicious trans-fat free icing.

What price do your desserts start at?

Most of our full size desserts are around $2.50 to $3.50 per piece in our shop. If purchased in a bite size per dozen, they are much less expensive. We have a dessert flyer available that details all the items and their prices per dozen. Our cake prices are on our website and easy to follow.

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For more info check out the Marsell’s Cakes & Desserts website!



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