5 Unique Bridesmaid Gifts For Any Budget

Planning a wedding is hard, stressful work. Often the only silver lining to all of the planning, is that you won’t be alone. Your maid of honor and bridesmaids are happy to help and lend a shoulder when you call them at midnight in a panic. Accordingly, it’s only right to treat your closest girl friends to a gift that shows them that you’ve thought about each of them, and genuinely want them to feel loved and appreciated. Although it may be tempting to just search for generic presents, it pays to do a little more research and make that extra effort.

We’ve curated a list of four “budget” options and four “luxe” gifts, just so you have enough choices or at least sources of inspiration.


leatherImage courtesy of Etsy

Budget: Leather might seem like an odd choice, but the truth is the reliable and classic material will surely be a great fit for any style. Every girl should have leather in her wardrobe. Unlike any other fabric, leather ages gracefully and only gets better with time. A leather jacket is probably more than you can afford, so why don’t you go for a beautiful, handmade leather makeup holder? The Etsy shop, LifeTime Leather lets you personalize the clutches with your bridesmaid’s initials for a posh, but quite cheap gift alternative.

Luxe: If you have the means, a leather laptop bag can make a beautiful gift for your maid of honor. It’s a classic and chic way to carry around your work documents and laptop. The best thing, it will never go out of style and will withstand the test of time. For your bridesmaids, consider personalized leather luggage tags with their initials. It’s a practical item, that they’ll all get use out of.




Budget: This option might be the most thought of choice when thinking of a gift to please a group with differing taste. But the trick in making this type of gift special, is in the customization. Really think about your maid of honor and your bridesmaids. For your bridesmaids, consider making your own jewelry. Think about the taste and style of your individual bridesmaids, and construct something that you know they’d love. There are a ton of great tutorials online to help you get started.

Luxe: We all know that there is no shortage of beautiful expensive jewelry. Diamonds are always a great option, because they are classic and go with everything. Consider giving your maid of honor a pair of diamond earrings, and your bridesmaids a diamond pendant to symbolize how grateful you are for all their help and support. Either of those options would make a beautiful gift that any maid of honor or bridesmaids would be ecstatic to receive.



Budget: No one will ever turn down a home cooked meal. Have your bridesmaids and maid of honor over to your house, and cook them a meal that you know they’ll all love. There’s something truly special about being able to make something that your friends will enjoy and remember.

Luxe: A night out will be much appreciated by your bridal party. Choose a restaurant with plenty of space, and quiet enough where you can all talk and reminisce. Try and think about a place where all your bridesmaids will feel comfortable, consider any food restrictions (vegetarians, allergies). But most of all, plan it all out, your bridal party will appreciate that you’re catering to them since most likely they’ve spent the last few months or years catering to your needs.

Weekend Getaway

Budget: You know first-hand just how stressful planning a wedding can be and so do your bridesmaids. Why not take a little break from wedding stress and everyday stress for that matter, by taking a mini vacation with your girlfriends. Treat yourself and your girlfriends to a weekend getaway by taking a staycation. Have a weekend getaway in your own town by having a night out or two out exploring new bars and clubs you have never been to or even find a local spa where you can treat yourself and friends to a relaxing mani-pedi. A weekend escape does not have to mean dropping a fortune on some plane tickets, sometimes a great escape could be just a short car drive away.

Luxe: Of course if you can afford to spend on a plane ticket for you and your bridal party, why not spend your weekend getaway somewhere far away from wedding planning? Give yourself and your girlfriends the ultimate treat by whisking them away on a trip as both a present for them and for your bachelorette and hen party. This is a great way to show your appreciation and spend some quality time with your best gal pals. Take a trip to somewhere you’ve never been like Ibiza or Spain. You can even take the stress out of planning the whole ordeal by checking out bachelorette and hen party planning sites such as RedSeven, that have packaged vacations specifically for a girls’ getaway.


image via Etsy

image via Etsy

Budget: A touch of silk is a touch of genius. Satin is silk’s cheaper cousin, so for a budget maid of honor gift it’s the perfect choice, given that it’s still wonderfully smooth and colors look vibrant on it. A handmade kimono-inspired robe with stunning embroidery is an option. It’s an affordable option that is easy to customize with colors and even monograms.

Luxe: Nothing can replace the touch of silk, so a luscious silk bathrobe would be a wonderful gift for your maid of honor. Find the perfect one, the perfect design and the perfect colors and you’ll see happiness in your friend’s eyes. This set of 10 silk robes is a wonderful idea for your girls, as they come in different prints and colors and they can choose their favorite (and fight over them).


Uma Campbell is a freelance writer from Southern California and has covered a wide variety of subjects from wedding planning to home improvement. She knows how stressful a wedding can be for both brides and bridesmaids. She hopes these gift ideas can help brides bring a little fun and relaxation to their wedding party. 


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