New Vineyard Cross-Back Chairs from Event Rents!

You got a sneak peak of Event Rents amazing new vineyard cross-back chairs in this morning’s inspiration shoot, but we are so IN LOVE with these babies we think they deserve their own post! These chairs are the perfect way to add sophistication and elegance to almost any wedding theme.


Event Rents will have the new chairs at the Bridal Festival in January or you can stop by the Event Rents showroom anytime to take a peak!

ParkRoadPhoto-AlisaLewis-29Photo by Park Road Photography

These are the very first chairs like this in the Inland Northwest, so you better get them before they are gone!

ParkRoadPhoto-AlisaLewis-54Photo by Park Road Photography

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Call (509) 535-4030 for pricing info or visit the Event Rents website!


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