Photographer Spotlight: Jerome Pollos

If you’re looking for a photographer who will tell the story of your wedding day in a candid, emotional  and beautiful way, Jerome Pollos is your guy. Using his photojournalism background, Jerome focuses on catching those natural little moments that make weddings special. He is all about capturing your wedding in a way that is unique to you, and he does a VERY good job at it! We sent Jerome some questions about his style and work.

And how brilliant is his mantra about photography?

 “Don’t look for nouns and verbs in your viewfinder. Document the adjectives and adverbs.”

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Couples should consider you for their wedding/engagement pictures if they are looking for…

Someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and isn’t just going through the shoot like they’re on a shopping trip to the Pinterest store. I like to have fun on my shoots and just go with the flow. A shot list can really corral creativity. But collaboration, mixed in with some free spirits, can make for a great day of photography.

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What service/experience do you offer that is unique to you and your business?

I’ve been a photographer for a long, long time. I started in photography professionally in 1995 (I’m older than I look) as a military photojournalist. I also worked the daily craziness of a newspaper for 13 years — I’m still taking on editorial assignments to feed the news addiction. There’s a lot of knowledge and ideas flowing through my brain that helps me get through all of those “not-so-perfect” scenarios that inevitably pop up during a day of shooting.

With all this experience I have, I’ve learned to always look for moments and emotion. A line I always beat into the head of my college students (I teach photojournalism at North Idaho College) is, “Don’t look for nouns and verbs in your viewfinder. Document the adjectives and adverbs.” That energy and emotion is typically what are stories are framed around when we tell friends and families about situations or scenes.

Emerson Wedding 848

Your ideal wedding/couple would be who and where? 

I use to think my ideal couple was whoever was paying. Now I realize that my ideal client is someone just like me — appreciates the value of a quality image, enjoys life and family, doesn’t take time for granted and wants to have fun wherever life takes them. But the ability to pay for my services is still a prerequisite.

My ideal couple is someone I can kick back and talk to about all sorts of stuff. That’s what my consultations typically consist of. If we spend most of the time talking about our life experiences, families, hobbies, food and football (what else is there?), and realize we haven’t even discussed the wedding yet, I feel like that’s a good start. They also have to have a sense of humor, doesn’t take themselves too seriously, can go with the flow when a situations goes bad, and they don’t mind being stalked with a camera.

I’ve documented weddings from couples from all over the country with all sorts of budgets and they all had the same common thread — laid back, collaborative and had a deep appreciation for the captured moments.

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What adjectives best describe you your photography style?

Relaxed. Stealthy (like a ninja). Entertaining. Prepared. Organized (nearly to the point of OCD). Easy.

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What influences your work?

I’m continually looking for inspiration everywhere. Friends, colleagues, art books, magazines, newspapers, websites, photojournalism agencies, everyday life and of course my own work. If I’m not self-critiquing every shoot and figuring out what I could have done better, then I’m never going to progress further than where I am.

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For more info, check out the Jerome Pollos website!


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