Snoqualmie Proposal by My Beloved Photography


Some people get songs stuck in their head. I get love stories, captured on film. Since beginning my work for Apple Brides, beautiful images of couples at their engagement or wedding day seem to be stuck on my mind, like this proposal from My Beloved Photography. And I love the story that goes behind it:

For 3 months leading up to the proposal Jeremiah took Heather on various hikes to check out waterfalls (one of her favorite things ever!).  During the week of the proposal they were staying at an Eastern Washington resort for a “friends’ vacation” for Heather’s birthday and went on a hike to Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend, WA.  Jeremiah was nervous and excited.  He couldn’t wait to finally put that ring on Heather’s finger.  It has been raining and even snowing all week, but for these few hours the cloud cleared and it was truly a perfect and beautiful day.
At one point in the hike Heather stopped to take pictures of a cute little waterfall, then turned around to see an adorable little path down to the lake.  Jeremiah immediately led her down that quaint path to an amazing scene set up on the beach with important items from their home and life together arranged beautifully next to the message “Marry me?”
He led her over, knelt down on one knee, and proposed.  (As Heather would say “He said some really amazing things that I could hardly even take in because I was so thrilled!)…Good thing he had written them down so he could read them to her again later in the day when she could take it all in!”
When Jeremiah held out the amazing diamond ring he had custom made for her and said the words “Will you marry me?” Heather was so excited she couldn’t even stop to look at the ring (which, believe us, is ahhh-mazing!) and she said “yes, yes, yes” and covered him with kisses!!!

JeremiahHeather2-10 Snoqualmie Engagement, My Beloved Photography
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