Seattle Engagement by Blue Rose Photography

Choosing what to wear for you engagement session can be hard; you want to coordinate but not be too matchy matchy, you want to look nice, but still stay true to your personalities…it’s a doozy. ┬áJackie and Matt’s engagement by Brittany from Blue Rose Photography gets it so right. They chose colors that look great in pictures, outfits that are complementary (but not over the top), they look timeless AND they managed to look beautiful as well. Both Jackie and Matt are photographers, so they knew just how to approach their engagement session, here’s what Brittany had to say about this gorgeous couple:

“Jackie and Matt are high school sweet hearts from the Seattle area. They both live and work in San Diego now but are coming back to the pacific northwest for their summer wedding. They also are both photographers so it was fun to photograph fellow creatives. They have a great sense of style and we loved their engagement session outfits. They wanted to do a city shoot in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square. We also went a little further south to the SODO district which is industrial and sort of gritty, but there formal attire snazzed the area up a lot ! I love the jewel tone theme Jackie picked out for them and also super love her necklaces!”


Blue Rose Photography-Engagement


Blue Rose Photography-Engagement1


Blue Rose Photography-Engagement6


Blue Rose Photography-Engagement2


Blue Rose Photography-Engagement3



Blue Rose Photography-Engagement4




Blue Rose Photography-Engagement5



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