Photographer Spotlight: Jones Custom Photography

We’re thrilled to be adding Jones Custom Photography to our Eastern/Central Washington Featured Photographers list! Owner, Felicia, is a trained photographer specializing in natural, creative and fun photos that will help you relive your special day for many years to come. We sent Felicia a couple questions to try to get to know her better, all her answers will help you on your wedding journey, but we particularly like her advice for brides and grooms. Take note!

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Location: Richland, WA, but I love to travel all over the Northwest!

What makes your photography unique?

I  genuinely love weddings! You can see that in my work. I love every moment starting with getting ready, to the kiss, and the dancing at the reception. Nothing gives me a rush like capturing amazing images at a wedding. I will probably gush over your dress, cry along with your  guests behind my camera and laugh at your toasts.

As  a photographer, I am also professional. I will show up, dressed appropriately for your event, do my job, and make sure that you end up with amazing photos that reflect you as a couple.

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 What is included in your packages? What is your price range?

At  the end of your wedding you should have something besides a disk full of images to remember you day. All of my wedding packages include two photographers, an album or book, wall art, gift prints for your friends, and online proof albums to share. I do offer digital images with some of my packages. Pricing ranges from $1650-$5549 with most brides spending an average of $3350. I do offer payment plans to make your  wedding photography fit within your budget.

tri cities wa wedding photographer

How would you describe your style?

I  like to describe my style as authentic & laid-back. I strive to capture a wedding exactly how the day unfolds without getting in your  way. Of course, I help with posing and capture of the group shots your family wants.  My overall my goal in the end is for you to look back at your wedding photos and remember every moment and how you felt when each shot was taken. I also stay out of the way. Many brides tell me that they didn’t even notice me most of the day.


What should brides and grooms look for in their photographer?

Consistency  in the work that is shown. Look at a potential photographer’s work in  person or on a computer to make sure their work is in focus and professional quality. Don’t just rely on a cell phone, they can hide the true quality of an image. Ask to see work that will be similar to your wedding. For instance, if you are getting married in a church where flash is not allowed, ask to see work that is from low-light situation.

Most  importantly, make sure that you get along with your photographer. I like to sit down with a bride & groom at my studio to make sure that we mesh well since we will be working so closely together for a few months.


Any tips or advice for wedding planning?

1.  Assume that there will be moments on your wedding day that will put you  behind. I always tell my brides to pad the schedule by a half hour or so. If you want the wedding party somewhere at 2pm, tell them to be there at 1:30 so that there is time for the unexpected.

2.  Hire professionals for your wedding vendors. This year alone, I have acted as a florist twice helping put together last minute wedding bouquets, and provided the music off of my laptop when a DJ didn’t show up.

3.  Consider a “Day-of Coordinator” if you aren’t hiring a wedding planner.  I worked with one recently who handled so many details going wrong that  would have just stressed out the bride had she known. The bride got to  enjoy her day, I had someone helping me wrangle up family members for  portraits, and no one in the family had to stress about being appointed as the person to deal with all of it.

4.  See each other before the wedding. I totally respect a bride &  groom when they want to wait until the ceremony to see each other. From a time perspective, seeing each other before makes the day smoother. I  usually arrange a private “first look” where you can have a moment  together before capturing the group photos. Then instead of missing out  on your cocktail hour or reception, you can quickly capture any last  minute family portraits and go on to enjoy yourself without worrying  that you are missing something.

If  you still want to see each at the ceremony, I work around that and capture all of the group portraits ] that I can before the ceremony and then work quickly where you don’t miss out on partying with your friends & family. This is where a cocktail hour comes in handy. Guests can  mingle and the reception starts when you arrive.

5.  Don’t spend thousands of dollars on your wedding and then go with the cheapest wedding  photographer. You are putting so much time and energy into your wedding, make sure to hire someone that will show up and do it justice.


For more information, check out the Jones Custom Photography website!



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