Surprise Greenbluff Proposal by Distinction Studio

Today we have a special treat for you, a two part proposal and engagement session by Distinction Studio! Here is what photographer Rachel had to say about the proposal!

One of the most magical things to photograph and be a part of is a proposal! When Trevor contacted me to photograph him proposing to his girlfriend, Jackie, I was thrilled! It went like this, Trevor and I met up for coffee and went over all the details of the proposal. By the end of talking through everything, Trevor had the most perfect afternoon planned for his fiancée-to-be. When the big day came, Trevor and Jackie drove out to Walter’s Fruit Ranch on Green Bluff. When I found them in the apple orchard, I told an elaborate story about how I was a photojournalist writing an article about Green Bluff… then I asked if I could snap a few photos. It was so cool because we got some photos before they were even engaged!

My story worked out perfectly and Jackie still had no idea what was going on! After a few minutes, the happy (not-yet-engaged) couple went on their way. Then the moment came… Trevor stopped in the middle of the rows of apple trees and got down on his knee. He popped the question and she said yes! Giving them some time to themselves to enjoy the moment, I just sat back and photographed (I might have even shed some tears!). Trevor told Jackie about his entire hidden photographer plan. She turned around and everything started coming together… now I could explain to her that I was not really a photojournalist writing an article on Greenbluff, but Rachel of Distinction Studio who was there to capture the moment they went from being boyfriend and girlfriend to being engaged! Jackie couldn’t believe it… she just kept saying that she had no idea. It was at this time I had a surprise for Trevor.

Distinction Studio always strives to go above and beyond what people expect, so my thought was Trevor has this huge surprise for Jackie… I should surprise him with something… Distinction Studio not only photographed the entire proposal but we also got it on video! The video even has direct quotes from Trevor and Jackie about their special day. (Now, myself/Distinction Studio don’t claim to be a videographer, but it’s always fun to do something a little new and different right?!?! And my gosh I think the video turned out pretty fabulous!) We ended the afternoon with a mini-engagement session and got some fabulous images of the newly engaged couple. In all, we had way too much fun smiling and laughing together! Trevor and Jackie are the couple who just enjoys life and all it has to offer, I was so honored to have been a part of such an amazing and magical moment for them!

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Here is what Jackie had to say about her experience with Distinction Studio:


“I was so genuinely impressed with the work of Rachel and Distinction Studio! When my fiancé Trevor was planning his proposal to me, he came across Distinction Studio by chance, and met up with Rachel for coffee shortly thereafter to make all of the arrangements for Rachel to photograph our engagement. Trevor and I are originally from San Diego, and he was up here in Spokane visiting me at Gonzaga University, where I am in nursing school. Needless to say, Trev was very unfamiliar with the area, but Rachel went above and beyond with suggestions about how to make our day as special as possible.
On October 25, Trev and I went out to Green Bluff to pick some apples and pumpkins. With the help of Rachel, he chose a farm with a huge apple orchard that was idyllic and provided us with the privacy necessary for such a special moment. She helped him with every little detail—even suggesting that he keep the ring box in his sock so that I wouldn’t see it and catch on (which completely worked I might add!). She was able to capture the most beautiful moments of the day—before, during, and after he proposed. Rachel was able to get to know us in that short amount of time, and absolutely captured our personalities and qualities of our relationship in her work. Not only this, but she surprised us with an amazing VIDEO of the proposal! These pictures and the video are what I will always cherish.”



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