Featured Vendor: Batch Bakeshop

Today we are interviewing Mika Maloney, the owner of Batch Bakeshop and creator of some of the tastiest treats around town!

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How long have you been making desserts?
I grew up cooking and baking with my family. My mom has worked in restaurants and catering she has taught me so much, but also gave me the freedom to just go into the kitchen and experiment. My aunt often had baking projects for my sister and I to help with when we visited, even when we were really little. Plus she would always blow everyone away each year at Christmas with beautiful, delicious desserts. That was an early lesson that putting time and care into dessert is never unappreciated! After baking for years for other small businesses, I started Batch Bakeshop in 2011. The business has always been a combination of weddings & special order desserts, wholesale to local coffee shops, and my booth at the Thursday Market on South Perry Street.

What type of desserts do you specialize in?
Delicious. ☺ That’s the number one goal, at least. Of course I want it to look good and I care the ingredients I source, but in the end I’m making dessert. Dessert is not something you eat for nutritional value; it’s a treat you eat because it tastes good. So it ought to taste very, very good. With that said, I also stand by Batch Bakeshop’s desserts being so much better for you than a lot of other sweets you find out there because everything is made fresh from scratch, using as many locally sourced ingredients as I can. I use real butter, real sugar, and flour grown and milled in the northwest. And with all the amazing fruit we get in the Inland Northwest from spring through fall that’s an easy and delicious way to keep things local.

For weddings, I do cakes & cupcakes as well as dessert tables with a wide variety of custom desserts. Whatever a couple chooses for their wedding desserts, I love setting up the dessert display and making it really tie into the rest of the event. Couples can rent cake stands, trays, and vintage dessert plates from me also or I can use cake stands and trays they’ve made or collected to display their wedding desserts.

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What makes your desserts and service unique?
I often hear what people love most about Batch Bakeshop desserts is that they’re not too sweet. I’m always trying to find that balance between sweet and savory, salty, or even spicy. Lemon Jalapeno Sandwich cookies have become a regular fixture at my farmer’s market booth; people can be a little hesitant at first but once they try it they almost always get a little addicted! And I think I bake Salted Chocolate Chip cookies every morning of the week for the coffee shops and the market. Just a bit of coarse salt and dark chocolate chips–plus you know, butter…it’s a pretty good combination.

Do you deliver?

What is your favorite/most popular dessert?
Vanilla Bean Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Buttercream frosting has been the most popular wedding cake flavor. The cake is really moist, the frosting is not too sweet, and salted caramel sauce is that perfect balance of sweet and salt.

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Photo by Samantha Cabrera Photography

Photo by Samantha Cabrera Photography

Do you create custom desserts?Yes! I like to have a tasting for every potential wedding couple so we can talk about what desserts and flavors they love and put together a custom dessert menu. So much of our relationship with desserts is connected to childhood, family, and nostalgia so I also offer to utilize family recipes or dessert traditions from the couple’s families. I enjoy taking a fresh look at recipes and making something new that still hits those nostalgic notes.

Can you cater for special dietary needs?
Yes I try and cater for a wide-variety of dietary needs, including vegan and gluten-free. This summer, once I’m moved into my new space I’ll be able to expand my vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free baking.

I’m in the process this year of moving out of a shared commercial kitchen space and into my own bakeshop–complete with kitchen space for me, and a bit of retail space for people to come and get something sweet & hang out, plus an awesome patio space that I plan to use for small events–brunches, birthday parties, baby and wedding showers. Hopefully by June of this year Batch Bakeshop will be a place you can come visit!

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What price do your desserts start at?
Depending on desired serving size, some of my cake prices work out to under $2/serving and dessert tables with a variety of custom mini desserts start at $4/per person.

Other than putting in a special order, where can we find Batch Bakeshop goodies for a quick fix?
For now you can find muffins, scones & cookies at Atticus Coffee & Gifts, Indaba Coffee, Cannon Coffee & Cone, Neato Burrito and Revel 77. I have a booth at the Thursday Market on South Perry Street with lots of tasty baked goods, and that market runs from March through December. (We’re inside 915 S Perry St between November and April, and the market moves outside to The Shop parking lot right across the street for May-October.)

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