How to Prioritize Your Wedding Budget by Traks DJ

Some of my favorite features are when we get advice from some of our vendors about wedding planning. Weddings are their job. They’ve seen it all, so when they give advice it’s definitely worth listening to! Today, Thomas of Traks DJ has written a very insightful piece about setting priorities when it comes to your wedding budget. Thomas is one of the Inland Northwest’s top DJs, he has years of experience and has made many couples very happy. I found this review on Wedding Wire for Thomas and I think it perfectly captures what a great DJ does:

“I give Thomas my highest recommendation. He was professional from start to finish. The online music and timeline website was easy to use and helped us navigate the music choices.

He helped keep the party going and on track. He was the perfect blend of enough involvement without ever entering into being corny or silly. His music choices kept the dance floor going….in fact my choices were the ones that cleared the floor so I would be flexible and enjoy the moment. Also, the sound system was good and looked nice and professional. The uplighting added a lot to the feel of the room.

Thomas went the extra mile to help us with some special details for the many children at our wedding and played music that was appropriate for all ages.

THANK YOU for making our night that much more enjoyable.” Carissa

And now, here’s Thomas with how to prioritize your wedding budget!

Thomas of Traks DJ

Thomas of Traks DJ


Brides and grooms contact me all the time to ask what I charge for a wedding  I always follow that question with this question: “What is your budget?”  Surprisingly, the answer is, “I am not sure, just looking for a price”.  So I thought I give some advice on how to budget for your special day.

Decide what is important to make your dream wedding happen.  For some, it might be the meal and for others it might be the photographs.  The point is to budget appropriately to make the most important aspects of your wedding happen.


Imagine your wedding day and all the different vendors you have hired.  If one of those vendors did not show up to your wedding, what would be the impact?  Would your guests notice the missing vendor?  The truth is most of your guests would not notice if the party favors were missing.  However, if the caterer did not appear, your guests would notice they were not served a meal.


Decide what want your guests to say after the wedding.  My guess is they would not say “Those party favors and chair covers made that wedding.”  However, they might say “That photo booth was so much fun”, “That food was delicious” or “The music was so great I couldn’t stop dancing.”  What you really want from your guests is to enjoy themselves on your special day and tell you this was the best wedding they have ever been to.


This is why it is so important to budget appropriately and sufficiently for those aspects of your wedding that you decide must happen to make it a success.  You should meet with each potential vendor to find out which one can provide you with what you want and need for your wedding and then budget accordingly.

Also, remember you should never trust the biggest day of your life to the lowest bidder.

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Thomas of Traks DJ has amazing reviews from both brides and vendors, if you’re looking for a DJ, this is your guy!

P.S. Want to learn more about Traks DJ and read some reviews, head on over to our Vendor Spotlight!


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