Are you a DIY bride? 5 questions to ask yourself

5 Questions to ask yourself before you DIY your wedding...

One of the best things about weddings the last few years is how personalized they’ve become. Good bye cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all wedding templates, and hello to unique and dreamy weddings. DIY weddings may look gorgeous and effortless on wedding blogs, but it’s not for everybody and it’s definitely not as effortless as it looks. Want to know if you’ve got what it takes to call yourself a DIY bride? Ask yourself these 5 questions right now.


1. Do I have the time?

Can I complete all the projects I’d like by 2-3 months before the wedding? The sage advice from pro wedding planners is to plan your wedding like it’s at least 2-4 months earlier. This is especially true for DIY projects. Nobody wants to see the happy bride stitching her last stitches minutes before walking down the aisle.

TIP: Make a list of what you’d like to create for the wedding and stick to it. Step away from the Pinterest boards, and ensure that you’ll be able to complete your DIY tasks at least two months before the wedding. Be realistic, take a good hard look at your calendar and ask yourself if there is enough time to rock your crafts after-hours and on weekends. Take into consideration social obligations, the need to sleep in and your own sanity.

5 Questions to ask yourself before you DIY your wedding...

2. Do I have help?

Maybe you’ve been crafting since you were a little girl and can show Martha Stewart a thing or too, but chances are you’ll need a little help along the way. Whether it’s a tricky sewing section or your simply running out of time, make sure you know who to call. Leave a little extra room in the DIY budget in case you need some professional help.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to rope in your bridesmaids and your groom. Throw a big wine and cupcake DIY party, and ensure everybody knows how they can help you, because people will want to help you Have a few fun DIY nights while you’re gleefully ticking off those ‘to do‘ boxes.

5 Questions to ask yourself before you DIY your wedding...

3. Will this work with my venue?

It’s so easy to get carried away with ideas, and it’s totally okay to go wild on your Pinterest board when you first start planning your big day.  It’s however best to really plan the finer details after you’ve settled on the big ticket items like the venue. If you’re planning a big classy wedding in an upscale hotel, your burlap table runners might not work the magic it would have in an outdoorsy style wedding.

TIP: Before you commit to any project, do this: Close your eyes, picture the venue and see if you can picture where each craft will go. Be sure to communicate often with your venue as they might have policies that would limit your creative freedom. The last thing you want is to sew your heart out on yards and yards of buntingonly to find out there’s no way to hang them properly.

5 Questions to ask yourself before you DIY your wedding...

4. Do I have the resources?

… and is it easy for me to get these resources? Thankfully we live in the glorious days of Amazon, so the answer is very often yes (if there’s something specific you’re looking for). It could however delay or frustrate your progress if you discover half way through you need something that’s impossible to find or way over the DIY budget.

TIP: As in baking, check all the ingredients before you start mixing.  This is also an easy way to ensure you stay on budget. It’s also best to plan on the conservative side. Need 5 pounds of flour? Make it 6, need 10 yards of fabric?  Make it 12.

5 Questions to ask yourself before you DIY your wedding...

5. Do I absolutely love DIY projects?

DIY just isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. The last thing you want to do is discover this half way through, after you’ve spent hours upon hours, dollars upon dollars, that it’s just not your thing. Be a DIY bride if you’ve always loved being crafty. Don’t be a DIY bride simply to save a few extra dollars.

TIP:  Start with smaller projects. Do something that can be accomplished in an afternoon and add your ‘to make’ list from there. Think back on DIY projects you’ve accomplished in the past and see how you can incorporate them now. Above all make sure you enjoy the process!

5 Questions to ask yourself before you DIY your wedding...

In closing…

Don’t forget that professionals are there to help you. Not doing any DIY projects doesn’t mean that your wedding needs to be boring and personality-less. However, if you answered with a whole-hearted ‘Yes!’ to each question, then congratulations! You’re a DIY bride and we can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

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