Buy & Sell Wedding Items on the SBB Marketplace!

One of the best things to happen to Inland Northwest weddings the last year was the entrance of! This very cool site, started by Dana of Spokane Bride Blog fame, is a place where you can buy used wedding items for a great price or sell all your used wedding items (you know, the ones collecting dust in your garage!). You’ll find wedding dresses, vases, lights, centerpieces, DIY supplies,  stationery and a host of other cool exclusively local products. You can save, and maybe make, so much money by checking out this awesome new resource!

We sent Dana some questions to learn more!


What is the SBB Marketplace?

Marketplace is the Northwest’s Premier Online Bride to Bride Market where you can shop for and sell pre-owned wedding gowns, decor, accessories, bridesmaid dresses and more.

Weddings are a huge investment these days.  Now you can feel great about recycling the leftovers, helping another bride and recouping a bit of that investment and in the process!

How did you come up with the idea? 

Good friend and wedding designer, Alisa Lewis, actually planted the seed in my head and after talking with several other wedding planners and designers, I realized there was a huge need for a bridal marketplace in our area.


What types of items can brides find?

Both New and Pre-owned wedding gowns, decor, accessories & more!

Can you find new things too?

Yes!  Along with used items you may find some locally handmade decor items and a few trendy new items too!


What are the price ranges? 

Sellers set their own prices but we suggest listing used items between 25-50% off of the original retail price.

There are many great bargains to be had and you CAN look fantastic for much less than retail!


How does it work if I want to sell something?

Simply click “Sell Stuff”.  It’s absolutely free and takes about two minutes!


How does it work if I want to buy something?

Simply click “Contact Seller” to inquire directly from the seller about the item.

Where are the items from?

Items are primarily from Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho but we hope to expand our reach within both states and make it a very busy Northwest Bridal Market.


Check out to get started!



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