Wedding Jargon: Tidbits from a Wedding Planner

If you’re new to the wedding scene you might be amazed at how many different wedding professionals there are, it can be very hard to know what ones are right for YOUR wedding and situation. This afternoon, we have a special guest post for you from Alisa Lewis Event Design, who is kindly giving us the 411 behind some of the different terms and jobs for “wedding planner”. The job of “wedding planner” can mean a million and one things, so it’s good to know what you want and who you are hiring. The good news is that no matter what your budget or wedding size, with so many options now days, there is probably a perfect fit just for you.

Take is away Alisa!


What is all this jargon…wedding planner, wedding coordinator, event designer, stylist? Still pondering what the difference is?

Well we’re here to clarify. And it’s important to know!


What’s a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is most likely a wedding professional who will help you from the moment you start planning your wedding to the moment you ride away from your reception. Your planner communicates with you routinely, assists in the selection and reservation of other wedding vendors, develops a timeline and plan for the day, and  provides some creative decor direction. Also, a wedding planner provides input and direction regarding anything you are concerned about. It be the number of elderly guests that need help down the aisle or how formal you want the place settings to be or not be.

What’s a wedding coordinator?

A wedding coordinator can be much of the same as a planner. For most independent wedding planning businesses, they are one in the same. However, venues and a lot of churches may have a “coordinator” who is not a “planner.” In those cases, it means there is someone in the church or venue responsible for telling the bride and groom what they can and can’t do inside the selected space and will be in charge of getting everyone in the bridal party down the aisle. The coordinator normally works for that church or venue, where as a wedding planner/coordinator comes from the outside as an independent vendor.

What’s a wedding stylist?

A wedding stylist is a whole different ball game. This is someone contracted to design & style primarily the wedding day decor and intricate details. Everything from the aisle decor at the ceremony to the centerpieces at the reception, to the bride’s overall look, the stylist helps you pull together the atmosphere and design concept. This includes working with flowers, table scapes, special personal elements and the over all decor of your day. This person most likely will not be involved with all the vendors like a planner or coordinator would. For instance, the stylist would work along side the floral designer and rental company but may not ever chat with your DJ or bartenders.

What’s an event designer?

Now…an event designer, to complicate it even more. Normally an event designer or event design team is all of the above. A planner, a stylist, a coordinator, and sometimes even floral designers. An event designer produces, designs, and styles an event from the ground up. From start to finish. This may not always apply to weddings either but may encompass non-profit events, corporate parties and gatherings, and celebrations!


Please keep in mind every wedding is different so your situation may vary in contrast to what’s stated above. But it’s important to know who you’ve hired and what their job is specifically, so you don’t end up the day of your wedding frantically trying to round up family members to set your tables.

Alisa Lewis Event Design specializes in comprehensive event design and production but offers a la carte services such as just coordination or styling to fit into any budget.

Please visit the Alisa Lewis Event Design website for more information!


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