Makeup Artist Spotlight: Modern Apothecary

If you’ve been around the wedding industry very long, you’ve most definitely have heard of Alicia Smith, owner of Modern Apothecary. She has made a name for herself as one of the best makeup artists in the area, and is one of the few who focuses on sustainable and organic products. She has an adorable store in downtown Spokane that not only serves as a great place to get your make-up done, but also to get facials, make a signature fragrance AND host a bachelorette or bridal shower!

Here’s an interview with Alicia…


Photo by Ariel Nay

How long have you been doing make-up?

Over 10 years, I worked for MAC, then also for ULTA where I trained with many different companies.  I decided to branch out on my own 5 years ago, looking for a more sustainable and organic approach to beauty.  I started looking a labels, and knew I wanted to be taking better care of my skin, and thinking about what I was putting on it.

Photo by Ana Hopkins

Photo by Ana Hopkins

What is the inspiration for your make-up style?

I have always been inspired by the 40s and 50s, those women had a simple style that has stayed with us still today.  A natural look with a bit of glamor added to the mix.  I used to joke that all you need is a big pair of sunglasses and red lips to head to the grocery store and you’re a modern day Elizabeth Taylor.

Photo by Madeline James Photography

Photo by Madeline James Photography

How should brides get their skin ready for wedding day make-up? 

I always encourage my brides to have a few facials in the months before their wedding, as well as any other waxing needs.  I have an amazing skin care specialist at Modern   Apothecary who is happy to put together a pre wedding package.  As far as day of prep, just a clean face, I bring all the moisturizers, eye creams, and primers needed for smooth and glowing skin.

Photo by Distinction Studio

Photo by Distinction Studio

How do you help brides choose the right make-up for their wedding day?

I encourage my brides to put together a few looks, from Pinterest, online searches, or even photos from a magazine.  Then from there, when we do your trial run, I like to create a custom look just for the bride, combining all of those things.

What products do you use?

I use a collection of different lines.  I strive to use as many vegan and natural products as possible, I custom create all of the skin care used on my brides. For the makeup, the bronzer, blush, eyeshadows, lipstick and lipgloss are from ZUZU Luxe, an all natural, vegan company based out of Seattle.  I also have the Modern Apothecary line, which includes blush, eyeshadows, and lipgloss.  All of those things are available for purchase at Modern Apothecary.  The foundation and concealer I use is a water based, vegan, organic company called Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  I also have individual and strip lashes available to purchase.


What should brides look for in their make-up artist?

I think the most important thing that brides should look for in their makeup artist is that they feel comfortable with them.  Your wedding day can get a little crazy, and having someone that is calm and happy makes a huge difference.  I find that when you are getting your hair and makeup done, you get your last few minutes of relaxing, before you are running around getting the last few little details finished up for your big moment.


Will you travel and is there a fee? 

I travel to location, or brides are welcome to get ready at my shop downtown as well.  I don’t charge for travel within Spokane/Spokane Valley/Greenbluff area,  I do charge a travel fee outside of those areas.

Do you do bridal party packages? 

I offer a discounted rate for additional makeups of $60 per person, also a $15 fee if they would like to add lashes.


Other services?

At Modern Apothecary we also have the Blending Bar where you can make custom blended fragrances as well as skin care products.  We have done bridal parties as well as bachelorette parties at our shop. A bridal shower at Modern Apothecary sounds like the perfect girls day out.  You can get your makeup done, make a personal fragrance, have a facial, or a hand or foot treatment.


 For more info check out the Modern Apothecary website!


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