Budget Breakdown for a $35,000 Wedding

Whether you’re planning a million dollar wedding or a courthouse elopement, you probably have some sort of figure in mind for how much you’d like to spend. And if you don’t, you should. A budget will help you spend wisely and get the most for every penny. This week, we’ve been having a look at breakdowns for weddings with different budgets. Today Alisa Lewis Event Design is breaking down a $35,000 wedding. Alisa is one of the premier wedding stylists and planners in the whole Inland Northwest, if there is anyone who can help you create a dream wedding AND stay on budget, it’s this girl!

Budget Breakdown for a $35000 Wedding

*Figures are based on an average wedding, each couple is different and each couple will have different priorities, so use these numbers as a guide to planning your perfect wedding. Figures are also based on a wedding in the Inland Northwest and will vary greatly in different parts of the country.*

Some advice from Alisa…

What is the best tip for planning a $35,000 wedding?

Make a detailed plan from the very beginning and make sure anyone who’s helping you plan and pay for the wedding is on the same page. It helps to list your top 3 “must haves” for your wedding. Is it important you have incredible food, a great photographer that stays the entire day, and a live band? Or maybe food isn’t a priority and you choose to have a dessert bar reception with a fully hosted bar, an incredible dress, and an amazing videographer to capture it all.

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 What advice do we have for staying on budget?

Research! The more you research and read before you start signing contracts with your vendors the better off you are. Make sure you always read the fine print in your contracts with every single vendor you hire. Learning as much about your vendors, their payment plans and contract stipulations is always a good idea as you meet for consultations. Find out exactly what you are paying for and what is not included. Find out what your vendors provide and what they expect you to provide at the beginning stages of the planning process before you sign contracts to make sure it fits in your budget, even with some wiggle room for additions down the road.

Ashlea Terhune CdA Resort14

 What is the one thing they should never cut out of the budget?

Don’t cut out anything that will keep your guests comfortable. They did come all that way to celebrate with you. For instance, if it will be a long ceremony out in a field in the middle of summer, don’t ditch the water station or water bottles you budgeted for your guests in order to spend more on flowers or something that’s not a “comfort measure.”

Another thing we advise is to never skimp on photography. It’s the only tangible thing that lasts after the party is over. The flowers die, the food is eaten, the décor is thrown away but the photography lasts forever and you want it to be timeless, classic, and professional (see Apple Brides article on 3-19-14 for photographer tips).

What is one way to save money?

You could plan on cutting out some unnecessary things.  For instance, favors are not something you need to have at all weddings. If you are providing your guests with a nice dinner, dessert, an open bar and dancing, favors will only get lost in the mix of things they are already enjoying.

Reuse décor from the ceremony at the reception. A wedding coordination team or able bodied helpers can be worked into the timeline to efficiently and seamlessly transfer ceremony décor to reception without too much hassle during your cocktail hour.

Need the expert help of a coordinator, but it’s just not in the budget for months of service? Hire a month-of-coordinator. It’s sure to protect your (and your mother’s) sanity for the wedding day but also help the wallet if you’re needed to cut costs.

Ashlea Terhune CdA Resort15Photos by Ashlea Terhune

 Special thanks to Alisa Lewis Event Design for the great info.

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