3 Ways to make extra money for your wedding right now

Lanette & Ben-158Picture this: you and your future spouse have made a promise to one another (no not THAT promise) –the promise of keeping your wedding budget on the tight and narrow. Debt is not an option, but neither is not having your dream wedding dress, or not having the ability to hire your favorite photographer. So, what do you do? Rob the nearest bank? It’s not ideal to start wedded bliss behind bars. Or do you overspend and book the photographer of your dreams? Not the best idea either if it’s not in the budget, right? That’s why we’ve found three ways you can help fund your wedding budget today in order to avoid a life of crime and disappointment. Here they are:

Lanette & Ben-61rrr1. Have a joint yard sale!

This is the perfect opportunity to sell the bass guitar your fiancé’s ex bought him, with his permission of course. A yard sale will not only bring in cash faster than you can book your next dress fitting but it’s also a great opportunity to get rid of excess stuff and clear the space for all those fabulous wedding gifts on their way.

Tips for a successful yard sale:
-Advertise the location and time a few days in advance, around your neighborhood and on Craigslist.
-Price to sell and don’t forget there’s always ebay if you don’t sell everything.

Lanette & Ben-30dgdfg2. Fund my wedding websites

Instead of having just a registry filled with pots and pans, you could give your guests the option to help you pay for the wedding before the big day. With websites like gofundme.com, myregistry.com and Fundly it’s easy to set up an account, state your budget and simply add the website to your invitations. Most of your guests will want to help you where you need it the most. An easy-to-use wedding fund site will make it simple for your guests to contribute if that’s what they want to do. There’s no reason you can’t have both this and a registry, giving guests the option to chose.

Tips for a successful campaign:
-Give a realistic amount.
-Add the link to your ‘save the date’ and invitations
-Have a deadline so you’re not waiting until the last minute.
-Remember to make a note of those who contributed for the thank-you cards.

Lanette & Ben-78xxdf3. Monetize your talents for extra cash.

At the end of the day making extra cash very often means working extra hard.
Do you have a musical talent that you can teach after hours or on weekends? Were you good at a particularly difficult subject at school and can now tutor students for a few hours a week? Your talent can and should be earning you some extra cash. Alternatively, if you have the time to devote to an extra income but, not the patience for tutoring, then take a look at sites like elance and odesk. These are sites that bring freelancers and work opportunities together. There’s usually something for every skill level, from data entry to website design. The best part is you only have to take on shorter projects at a time and choose projects based on your schedule.

Tips for successfully landing the extra gigs:

-Market yourself at schools and universities, don’t forget Craigslist.
-On freelance websites, try to start with smaller projects and prepare to work for less than you usually would.
-Build a good reputation on the site and you’ll find it easier to get the projects you want at better pay.

Combine all these ideas and you’ll be sure to have a happy budget, happier fiancé and an even happier you. Go ahead call the photographer, bakery, boutique or florist and make your own dreams come true.

How about you? Do you have any extra ideas not mentioned here on how to stash the extra wedding cash? We’re absolutely dying to know, so be sure to share in the comments below.

Photos by: Ingrid Marais Photography


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