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Intro by Amy Plass

A few years ago, as my (now) husband and I were planning our wedding,  the Bozarth Mansion was the first venue we toured. As Gonzaga alumni we were familiar with the grounds, but had never really explored the mansion before. We were smitten! The house had so much history, and the venue was absolutely beautiful! Even though we ended up choosing another venue for our wedding, the Bozarth Mansion has always held a special place in my heart, and I am so excited that we get to share an interview with them today!


Photo by Jenn Alberts Photography

What type of wedding does your venue work best for?
Bozarth has hosted many different types of receptions. We have seen receptions that are small and large, understated and elegant, rustic and modern. Our facility and the grounds can be molded to whatever reception style a client wishes with ease. To pick one specific style is impossible, as our facility is exceedingly versatile.

What makes your venue unique?
There are so many reasons as to why Bozarth is a unique venue. First and foremost, the facility itself is over 100 years old, and the years of memories flood our walls and grounds. Every group that books an event at Bozarth receives exclusive access to the entire facility and its grounds. Our facility does not have any preferred vendors – we want each client to have absolute control over whom they hire for their very special day. We permit any caterer or – if you prefer – self-catering, and each group has access to our kitchen facilities. Our professional staff provides the set up of tables and chairs, and remains onsite during the entirety of your event to provide basic assistance when required.


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What is the capacity of your venue?
The maximum capacity of Bozarth is 300, however, each reception location has a different comfort level for guests. Our garden courtyard accommodates 200 guests comfortably, while both our front and side lawns can hold up to 300 chairs (*Please Note that while the Mansion accommodates 300 guests, the facility only provides tables and chairs for up to 200.*). The interior of the facility accommodates 100 guests.


Photo by Jenn Alberts Photography


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What are your catering guidelines?
Here at Bozarth, we welcome any caterer that you would like to hire, or you can utilize our kitchen and whip up your own meals. We have had a plethora of catering options here including: self-catered weddings, taco trucks, pizza trucks, and on-site barbecue, and because we have seen so many caterers here we can happily give you some recommendations based on the style you envision your reception taking on.


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Do you have a ceremony location?
Bozarth Mansion is a reception-only location.

What is your advice for couples planning their wedding?
Book early and tour often! Especially at Bozarth, events book up to 1.5 year in advance for Saturdays. And never hesitate to contact the event coordinator at Bozarth if you have questions or need a walk-through. We know that initial tours of venues can seem like a blur, and we want you to be able to come on site, walk around, and plan your special day.


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What is included in your packages?
There is a flat rate for contracting a reception here at Bozarth Mansion. This flat rate includes 8 hours of exclusive access to the entire facility and it’s grounds (specifically from 3pm to 11pm), access to 200 chairs, 25 round banquet tables, as well as several rectangular banquet tables. Our Event Coordinator happily meets with clients to discuss the set up of tables and chairs prior to the reception, which the Bozarth Mansion staff will set up on the day of the event (*Please note that this is a new addition to our policies, and that it is only in effect for those receptions contracted after November 25, 2013.*)

What is the price range of your venue?
Gonzaga University prefers to not express the pricing of events in writing. For information about specific pricing, please contact the Bozarth Scheduler at (509) 313-6852.



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