Charity Spotlight: Full Bloom Flower Donation

Wedding planning can be an all encompassing, and dare I say, totally self absorbed venture (at least I was anyways!), which is why it is so nice to come across ways you can use your big day to give back and do some good. Full Bloom is a fabulous local charity that gives couples the chance to donate their wedding flowers to hospices and hospitals. And the best part? It’s super easy thanks to Full Bloom owner, Shawn, who has made the whole process straightforward and simple. All you have to do is visit the Full Bloom website, give them your details and they will take care of the rest!

Here is an interview with Shawn about this amazing charity:

Rogue Heart Full Bloom Shoot8

What is Full Bloom and how does it work?

We are a nonprofit organization and our mission is to improve the mental and emotional health of individuals dealing with death, terminal illness, and other life changing illnesses and conditions. We do this by delivering flowers. 


What does “Recycle The Love” mean to you?

I love the phrase “Recycle the Love” because that’s exactly what we are about. By donating your flowers after your wedding, we are just recycling that crazy, wonderful love you feel with others in different and difficult circumstances. {It’s a love/love relationship.} 


How can we volunteer/donate?

Scheduling a donation with us is so easy! Go to and let us know you’d like to donate. We’ll gather a few details and take care of the rest! If you’d like to volunteer, just use the contact form from the website, and we’ll be in touch.

Rogue Heart Full Bloom Shoot9

What is your favorite aspect of Full Bloom?

I’ll be honest, I love pretty parties and getting flowers from them is so fun! But truly, this simple gesture has the ability to connect so many people in such a positive way. Whether it’s the ones donating, receiving, or the volunteers that help arrange and deliver, every person finds some joy and meaning in it. That’s my favorite aspect for sure!


These fabulous photos were taken by Rogue Heart Media for a photo shoot with Full Bloom we did last summer, they also did an awesome video telling the incredible story about how it all started:

To donate your flowers check out The Full Bloom website!


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