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We don’t usually get very personal on Apple Brides, but we’ve decided that today’s post warrants some very real and honest accounts of our experience the last couple months. Melissa (our sales manager) and I (your trusty editor) have just undergone a series of MicroPeel treatments at Rejuvenate RX. We’ve both been completely blown away by the changes we’ve experienced in our skin and the tremendous amount of knowledge Dr. Gwyn and her team have (you can read more about them here) when it comes to prepping your skin for a wedding. Because honestly, if there is one day you want your skin to be in tip top shape it’s your wedding day.


Rejuvenate RX is located in North Spokane and does everything from treat acne and wrinkles to waxing, make-up application and administer botox…in other words literally anything and everything to do with skin! And to top it off, Renjuvenate is guided with a medical hand by Dr. Gwyn Blattau Gay so you can be sure you’re getting the best advice and care possible.

Melissa and I went through a 6 week MicroPeel, here is a brief description:

“The MicroPeel is both a rejuvenating and correcting skin procedure that is performed under the supervision of a physician. It is a patented, three-step epidermal peel. First, a physical exfoliation removes the superficial layer of dead skin cells. Next, a chemical peel specifically tailored to your skin type is applied to promote the second exfoliation. The treatment is completed with Cryogenic Therapy which further exfoliates and soothes your skin. A series of 4-6 MicroPeels plus an integrative home care program will improve fine lines, even out pigmentation, improve dull or dry skin and make skin smoother and softer.”

Each session lasts about an hour and even though words like “dry ice”, “blade” and “acid” are mentioned, everything is completely painless….with huge results and very little to no healing time.

We both have very different skin, so we thought it would be best to write our own experiences separately.


Skin problems: Acne, scarring, redness

I have struggled with my skin my entire life. I have been in and out of dermatologists since I was 15 years old for acne, and unlike more people, I never outgrew mine, and actually, it got worse after I had my baby over a year ago! The only treatments that have worked were strong medications and antibiotics, which I have never felt comfortable being on, especially for years on end. On my first visit at Rejuvenate RX Dr Gwyn ensured me that even my troubled skin would respond well to the MicroPeel series, I hoped rather than believed she was right, but I was willing to give it a shot and commit to doing exactly what she said.

Within a week I started seeing a marked improvement in the overall texture and health of my skin, by the end of the 6 weeks, it was shocking how smooth my skin was. My skin looked the best it ever had! If a breakout did appear, it was gone almost twice as fast as normal and the redness and overall color was much more even. The procedure takes about an hour and involves deep exfoliation, a peel and my personal favorite, cryotherapy, here is Dr.Gwyn’s description of this part of the treatment:

At Rejuvenate Rx We use cryotherapy as the last step in the SkinCeuticals MicroPeelTM, however it is also a great stand-alone treatment for many skin conditions.Cryotherapy is the application of a snowball made of dry ice (solid CO2), activated in alcohol or acetone and passed lightly over the skin.  Actions of this treatment include increased cellular turnover, increased collagen production; decreased inflammation, decreased acne bacteria and epidermal exfoliation.  The benefits include skin that stays more hydrated; is plumper, firmer and smoother; with less acne activity and smaller appearing pores. Fine lines are smoother and skin laxity is improved.  Scars and pigment greatly diminish over time with continued treatments, proper home care and sun protection.  Bottom line: Your skin has a smooth, fresh, bright appearance which translates into fantastic-looking photos.”


Pretty awesome right?!

The other important part of the MicroPeel treatment is improving your home skincare regime, Dr. Gwyn recommended some great products and even prescribed a new face wash for me to try that has made even more improvements to my skin.

If you struggle with acne and want your skin to be completely clear and healthy for your wedding day, take it from someone who has tried EVERYTHING, a visit to Rejuvenate RX is your best option. You can visit the dermatologist, but it takes months before you see results (and it usually gets worse before it gets better), but with the MicroPeel series, the results are almost immediate.  And the other great thing, is that it’s a deep treatment that gets to the root of your skins problems, improving your skin from the inside out.


Skin Problems: Uneven skin tone, rough texture

When I was 13 my grandmother gave me a bottle of Estee Lauder moisturizer along with a ‘you’ll thank me when your older’ speech about caring for my skin.  Since then, I have committed to a number of skincare products and regimes ranging from the doctor prescribed to the DIY mask recipes of Seventeen Magazine.  Somewhere between the burn of retinol and something you might find in a fruit smoothie it occurred to me that I have absolutely no idea how to care for my skin properly.

Enter Dr Gwyn and her team at Rejuvenate Rx.

Meeting Dr Gwyn was like meeting the coolest girl in high school who knows everything skincare related.  I was in awe of her knowledge on the subject and eager to join the in crowd (aka her clients!)  I like to think I’m pretty savvy when it comes to all things beauty related (I spend more time in Sephora than any girl should really be allowed!)  but my first appointment with Dr Gwyn proved to be very enlightening.  How many of you are familiar with dermaplaning and cryotherapy? Yeah…me neither.

Dermaplaning involves using a blade to gently and carefully exfoliate the skin and remove the “peach fuzz” from your face.  This is probably my favorite service offered by Rejuvenate Rx – your makeup will go on like hot butter and you will not be able to stop touching your skin!  (Fyi, ever notice how your powder can look a little chalky on your skin?  When it’s no longer clinging to those tiny hairs on your face it goes on so much smoother…you will LOVE it!)


If you want your skin to be in tip top shape for your wedding day, you should definitely call Rejuvenate RX…these lovely ladies and their talents are Apple Brides tested and approved!


Services: Skincare, botox, make-up application and waxing (see full list of services here)

Phone: 509-290-6149

Features on Apple Brides: Beauty Spotlight with Rejuvenate RX

Visit the Rejuvenate RX website for more info!



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