Seattle Engagement by Jerome Pollos Photography

To me there isn’t anything more beautiful than Seattle in the springtime when all the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and everything seems alive.  Except, of course, an engagement session with a gorgeous couple set there as seen through the lens of one of our favorite photojournalists, Jerome Pollos Photography.

Sam & Tim Engagement 1

Here is what Jerome had to say about the shoot:

Venturing to new places for photography gets the visual senses going. The change of scenery, sounds, textures, colors, and people all make for a new visual palette of possibilities.

Cue Tim and Samantha. These two live in Seattle and brought me on last year for their Arbor Crest wedding this summer in Spokane. This couple wanted something that highlighted the reasons why they like living in Seattle.

Lots of neighborhoods to walk through, cool hangouts, and a lot of green spaces.

After more than three hours of venturing around the city we walked through a neighborhood with a cherry-blossom lined street, hung out at a trendy bar, took a stroll through the park, convinced a dog to patiently sit inside a sculpture, checked out a conservatory, trekked up 107 steps to the top of a 108-year-old water tower, and made friends with some ducks.

Tim and Sam were a lot of fun and up for just about anything. All-in-all, it was a fun session with a lot of locations that resulted in a lot of great imagery for this Seattle couple.

Sam & Tim Engagement 5

Sam & Tim Engagement 4

Sam & Tim Engagement 23

Sam & Tim Engagement 16

Sam & Tim Engagement 18

Sam & Tim Engagement 9

Sam & Tim Engagement 19

Sam & Tim Engagement 20

Sam & Tim Engagement 26

Sam & Tim Engagement 27

Sam & Tim Engagement 28


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