The Man Behind the Booth: Big Show Mobile Entertainment

Words by Melissa Persling

ifong chen

“My dad gave me a great piece of advice. Do one thing, and do it better than anyone else.”

I knew instantly that Lance’s Dad and I would get along famously!

Today I meet Lance of Big Show Mobile at his new office, conveniently located just across the street from The Davenport Hotel, a wedding venue where he is virtually a mainstay. I could bore you with a lot of details about Lance’s credentials as a DJ and lighting specialist (countless five star Wedding Wire ratings, awards, referrals, etc.), but I wanted to get down to business and get to know the man behind the booth. 


I admire his new space, comment on the Keurig coffee maker (he used to consider Starbucks a second office), but mostly we talk about Sturgis. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a motorcycle event held annually in Sturgis, South Dakota, usually during the first full week of August. Or as Lance called it “nine days of debauchery”! Motorcycles, camping and motorcycle stuff – it sounds like a special kind of hell, until Lance reads off the concert headliners. Suddenly I see myself as a “trailer queen” (or someone who hauls their bike to Sturgis and then rides it around to show off). This is apparently not a term of endearment, but I picture it anyhow. After covering the finer points of a successful Sturgis experience, we head across the street to the Davenport for lunch.


I had the Davenport Classic, he had the Kobe beef meatloaf and we both got down to the nitty-gritty. I’m firing questions at Lance like bouquets to a crowd of 40-something-spinsters with no prospects. It’s no surprise that Lance has a perfectly humble and gracious response to each. Then comes the perfectly unplanned true test of a wedding vendor – a call from a potential client. They would like to book his services for a wedding, however, he isn’t available. I think it is paramount that I mention how he congratulates them first while quickly referring another DJ and letting them know that he is available to chat, should they need any further guidance. Without skipping a beat he says goodbye, and answers my previous question. Dang! He is like the Tom Cruise of wedding DJs!


How do I say this? Lance is not a man who looks particularly approachable. He definitely looks like he’d be more at home at a biker rally, rather than orchestrating the perfect wedding at an ornate and elegant 100 year old hotel. Looks, however, can be very deceptive! This same physically intimidating man is absolutely in LOVE with love. This guy can’t get enough of it! He wants to see it, hear it and set it to music. The passion for his craft is oozing from his pores – poetic, endearing and contagious. The significance of being a part of a day, that is likely one of the most important in a couples’ life, is not lost on Lance. He does not take this honor lightly.

From where I sit, this is the man behind the booth.

For more info, check out the Big Show Mobile Entertainment website.


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