5 Awesome & Unique Items from A to Z Rentals

A to Z Rentals has all the traditional party rental items like dishes, silverware, candelabras and gazebos, but they also have some unique and cool items for the couple who want to bring a little something extra to their wedding day.

DSC_4705 (ZF-10054-03089-1-128)Photo by Michael Fisk

From pancake ploppers to European street lights, we recommend a stroll through the website to see A to Z’s vast inventory, but here are our 5 favorite unique items:

1. Smokers and Pancake Ploppers!

Whether you want a pig-on-a-spit, a pancake bar or a huge BBQ to grill for hundreds, A to Z has a TON of BBQs, griddles and smoker options!

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A to Z1


2. Cocktail Bars

Make your bar super professional with these chic cocktail options from A to Z!

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A to Z2


3. Lounge Furniture

Instantly give your reception a stylish club feel with this white lounge furniture!

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4. Carnival Games

Looking for a way to entertain your guests for your cocktail hour? Why not rent some fun carnival games from A to Z!

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A to Z35. Elegant tents!

The word “tent” can bring visions of royal blue and white plastic, leaky roofs and bare metal poles, but A to Z has some beautiful marquee options for the sophisticated couple!

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 To see a full list of rental products, check out the A to Z website!


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