Fitness Spotlight: Bridal Bootcamp from BoxFit

According to the New York Times, 70% of brides want to lose weight before their wedding day. Confidence is the key to looking and feel great, and while we know you’ll look fabulous on your big day no matter what, it’s good to know your options if you are trying to lose a couple pounds.¬†BoxFIt Spokane’s Bridal Bootcamp is a perfect program¬†for brides and her friends. For a low monthly fee you and your friends and family can have a personal trainer to help you get in the best shape before the wedding, all in a comfortable and encouraging environment.

Here is a little more about Bridal Bootcamp!

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What is Boxfit and what services do you offer?

We are a boxing based fitness facility. Whether you are interested in slimming down, toning up or learning the skilled sport of boxing, we are the place.

Do you offer services specifically for brides/bridal parties?

We offer Bridal Boot Camps! Bring your bridal party, mother-in-law, bridesmaids, friernds and sign up for private classes by a personal trainer that are tailored to fit your needs. All while having a great time with your girls!

Box Fit

What can a bride/ bridal party expect at Boxfit?

You can expect fitness classes and instruction that are meant to support and encourage you to look your best for your big day, all while having fun!

Why would a bride/ bridal party be interested in Boxfit?

Our boxing based workouts are your usual time spent on the ‘dreadmill’. Boxing is empowering, fun and get you fit!

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What is your favorite part about working with brides/ bridal parties?

It is always awesome to work with people that have a certain goal in mind, like brides do, and to watch the excitement build as their big day approaches.

What are the costs associated with your classes/training?

Our Bridal Boot Camps are $117 each person. The bride & those that she brings in with her get 2 hour long sessions a week for an entire month in a private room with their own personal trainer catering to their specific needs.

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For more info on Bridal Bootcamp check out the BoxFit Spokane website!


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