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If you a searching for the perfect Spokane area venue for your outdoor wedding, you need to check out Aspen GroveConveniently located off Highway 395 between Spokane and Deer Park, Washington, this picturesque ten acres offers everything you need to capture the essence of your special day. If your heart is set on a romantic, unforgettable, outdoor wedding then Aspen Grove is a must see venue. 

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What type of wedding does your venue work best for?
We work best for the couple who have their heart set on an unforgettable, romantic, outdoor wedding where they and their guests can enjoy the freedom that only being outside offers. We are specifically designed to accommodate outdoor weddings from late spring through early fall. Children are welcome and there are options, such as horseshoes and badminton, to help keep them occupied. Guests of all ages enjoy the ever-changing seasons and beauty of the outdoors.

What makes your venue unique?
One of our many unique features is the truly natural beauty of our lovely grounds. Several small creeks allow lush ferns and other water loving plants to flourish and have allowed a distinctive stand of quaking aspen to mature. A spring- filled pond is home to turtles and fish and is a favorite feature enjoyed by all. Unique photo opportunities are available everywhere. From the natural beauty of the lush outdoors, including a nostalgic swing, to the reflection pond, vibrant gardens, tall grasses and glorious summer skies and sunsets, photographers forever capture special moments.

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What’s the capacity of your venue?
We can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Do you have any catering guidelines?
Couples may self-cater or select a caterer of their choice. For either situation, our food service area is set up with tables and linens ready for food service and is easily accessible for guests. We have a large freezer, two refrigerators, and numerous electrical outlets for your use. We find that couples are happy to have a choice and like the flexibility of choosing what works best for them.

Do you have a ceremony location?
We have a lovely lighted pergola that sits in front of the large spring-filled pond. A stunning backdrop of cattails and a striking aspen tree line adds to the beauty of this special occasion. The pergola can be personalized and decorated with tulle, flowers, ribbons, and so forth to match the bride’s colors and theme. Guests view the wedding, unobstructed, due to a gentle slope of the site surrounding the ceremony location. Nearby trees provide welcome shade during the warm summer months.

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What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding?
Practically speaking! –stay organized with a detailed time line, lists, and a calendar that can be written on and changed as needed. Keep everything in a dedicated binder so you can plan, review, revise and put your hands on what you need when you need it.

Personally speaking– enjoy this amazing journey! Everything will blend together beautifully on your special day! You will have designed and developed an event that will provide a lifetime of memories. Don’t lose sight of your life after your wedding. This is just the beginning, not your final destination!

What’s included in your wedding packages?
Event coordination. From beginning to end our wedding coordinator is available to assist brides with their plans and provide support during their event.

A full twelve- hour affair, including one pre-arranged two-hour time frame for the wedding rehearsal. We find that twelve hours allows ample time for brides to enjoy the process, to decorate, to take pictures before the wedding if she so chooses, and to prepare for this extraordinary day without feeling rushed.

A beautiful bridal suite, air-conditioned, with kitchenette, for the bride and her party to use throughout the day. A groom’s cottage for the groom and his men. Both are tucked away, offering privacy in preparation for the upcoming ceremony.
A covered food service area, covered cake display, covered bar and dance floor that all provide shade during the summer months and protection from unexpected elements. We have a 1200 sq. ft. covered reception area that is perfect for guest dining. We have open, grassy areas overlooking a beautiful pond where guests may dine and enjoy the wide-open sky.

Complete set up and take down of event chairs, tables, and linens to accommodate the estimated number of guests. Continuous monitoring of the site including the food service area, the bar, designated smoking area and the restrooms, and assistance with on -going clean-up as needed.

These are just a few of the many services and amenities that are available. We are happy to show couples all that we offer, and allow them to make their selection based upon their needs.


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What’s your price range?
Our price is $3,200.00. This amount is for the full use of the venue. It covers all the services and amenities, including the full twelve hours on the day of the event and two additional hours for rehearsal time. We offer flexible payment options and couples have up to fourteen days before their wedding to make their final payment. All details are finalized with a written contract. Couples appreciate the clarity and are not caught off guard with unexpected or hidden fees.

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