Trend Spotlight: Wash Lighting from Amp’d Entertainment!

I always tell people to┬ánever underestimate the power of good lighting when it comes to their wedding reception. A lighting expert can take the dreariest, darkest event space and make it magical! Amp’d Entertainment is one of Spokane’s top lighting professionals (as well as providing a host of other services!). They have a product called wash lighting that will totally change the vibe of any room. Here is what Justin, Amp’d owner, had to say about this fabulous service:

“Wash lighting is a great way to add lighting to any room or tent without having the hard edges of uplighting. The term “Wash lighting” is exactly what’s it says, it washes and surrounds you in color and i’s certainly a different and fun way to light an area or room.”

Sounds pretty magnificent right?! Here are some examples:


ampd wash lighting post


┬áCheck out the Amp’d website for more info!



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