Color Run Engagement by Lindsey Rose Photography

It’s not often after 6 years in the wedding business that I come across things I’ve never seen before, but today, I can safely say, I have never seen an engagement like this! With their wonderful photographer, Lindsey Rose Photography, Becca and Josh planned a super fun “color run” themed engagement. I pretty much love everything about this unique session, but I think my favorite part is how clean and pristine they start out and then how fast things turn! I also love the fight and makeup idea 😉

Here’s what Lindsey had to say:

“This gorgeous couple is everything a photographer coould ask for. Extremely laid back, fun, willing to take risks and overall just sweet sweet people. I had just finished the color run three weeks before the shoot. I was inspired by the paint and the colorful people (literally as well) it brought to the event. I know this couple is super fun and easy going and I thought paint was a good way to express themselves. Who knew Becca was a fighter ;)”


Color Run Engagement Lindsey Rose


Color Run Engagement Lindsey Rose2





Color Run Engagement Lindsey Rose3


Color Run Engagement Lindsey Rose4




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