5 Tips for to Meeting with your Florist by Erica’s Expressions

Besides the fact that we know they are beautiful, most of us know very little about the world of flowers. But when it comes to your wedding floral, it will save you time and money to be as much in the know as you can be. Today, one of our favorite local florists, Erica from Erica’s Expressions, is giving her top tips for how to prepare to meet with your florist. She’s sharing what you should do before the appointment, what you should educate yourself on and what will save you money. Thank you Erica!


Often when I meet new engaged couples, they are not really sure what to ask me. Wedding flowers can be an overwhelming thing for some couples. There are so many things to take into consideration, like colors, season, variety and what is actually available here in our area. I find myself answering the same 5 tips/ questions over and over for most of my clients. So thought I would share them with you today so you can be ready for your appointment and feel confident that you are getting your desired design and look across.


1. Pick up your flowers or have them delivered?

Some florists’ offer deliver and some only offer pick up. Sometimes seeing a scary delivery fee can make you feel overwhelmed, but let me assure you, having your flowers delivered is a must! On your wedding day, your florist can drop off your flowers right before photos so they are in perfect condition for all your photos and entire wedding. I have had a few brides pick up flowers the night before, only to be stressed by finding someone to pick them up and how to properly store them for the event. Why deal with this stress?! You have so much going on that you shouldn’t have to worry about your bouquet being in the very best condition for your wedding day. Also, if there are any set ups for your ceremony or reception, your florist will bring the tools along and set that up correctly for you. 


2. What is the difference between white and ivory floral? 

There really is no difference in white or ivory flowers. But at the same time, if your florist knows the flowers well, they can help guide you to the right tone of ivory or white. White/ivory flowers have undertones that are either green, yellow or pink. The green undertones are going to be mostly in whiter flowers, yellow can be a cross and pinks are going to tend to make your flowers more ivory. Your florist can better help you pick flowers that go with these trends. That being said, flowers are a natural thing and a 100% color match can’t be guaranteed. 


3. Educate yourself!

Educating yourself on floral basics will help ensure that you are not more confused when you leave your floral consultation. Knowing what is in season and what is available to you is a perfect way to help your florist and yourself in the appointment. For example, peonies are only available in the spring. Sometimes, they can come a couple weeks before and after spring, but they are not available in August. 

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4. How can I keep my cost down? 

Some brides are shy about this question, but letting your florist know your budget upfront will really help keep your conversation on track! Don’t be scared to say what your true budget is, it doesn’t matter if it is small or large, this will just help your florist talk to you about what is available in your price range. I always feel so frustrated when I tell a salesperson what my budget is and they bring me something double the price, because I fall in love with something that I can’t afford and now I’m even more confused to what to do. 

Another great way to keep your cost down is to rethink your bridal party. If you have a lower budget for floral, you may want to cut how many attendants you have or ask your florist for ideas to keep their bouquet affordable. 


5, Bring pictures for inspiration.

Bringing pictures of what you love is a great way to show your personality. The internet and Pinterest are a wonderful thing, but keep in mind, that most things you see are photoshopped, and, or, created out of season. I love Martha Stewart! She has really changed the perception of weddings in my world. I love looking through all her wonderful ideas and what her team has created, but there can be a down fall though. She has access to some of the best photographers and floral markets, and most of the bouquets are shot months before they are on the cover. This means, sometime the flowers are out of season and not available for your wedding month. Your florist can help you pick substitutes based on your season and in your budget, so come to your appointment knowing what you like and don’t like about the picture you bring. This could be as simple as the pops of color or the classic bridal blooms. Knowing this information, will help make your florist get to know you and make the perfect bouquet! 

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