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Spokane honeymoons

Whether you are looking for travel tips, honeymoon ideas or just wanting to daydream about your next Italian getaway, this is the place! Our editor, Rachel Sandall, lived in Ireland for five years and in Italy for five months. She was able to travel extensively throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Here is a collection of some of her travels.

8 Moneysaving Tips for your Honeymoon Abroad

You don’t need a big budget to plan a honeymoon abroad, here are some ways to save!

5 Things to do on Your Next Trip to Ireland

An insider’s look at the five things you need to know before you visit Ireland.

Budget Honeymoon Tips for Lanzarote

Head to one of Europe’s most beautiful and relaxing locations on a shoe string budget.

A Romantics Guide to Maui

Escape to one of the most serene locations in the world, a honeymoon on Hawaii’s island of Maui is sure to ease all your wedding stress away!

A Honeymooner’s Guide to Kauai

All you need to know about your trip to Hawaii’s beautiful island of Kauai!

Caribbean Honeymoon Ideas

The Caribbean offers couples pristine beaches, warm weather year round and some of the best resorts in the world!

10 Reasons To Hire a Travel Agent

Save money, gain expertise and stay on budget, a travel agent can help you achieve your perfect honeymoon. Spokane’s Edwards Lalone Travel shows you how!

Destination Wedding Locations in the Northwest

You may be surprised to learn that you don’t have to go far to feel like your in another world.  There are places just a latte (or two) and quick stop away that can give you everything you need right here in the Northwest!

The Honeymooners Guide to Florence, Italy

Italy represents all that is right in the world. Good food, warm people, fine art, a love for fashion and a passion for quality, Italy is as close to paradise as this earth offers.

Spokane Mini-Moon and Weekend Getaway Hot Spots

Perfect destinations within 5 hours of the Spokane area for the perfect romantic weekend or mini-moon!

England: Bath and The Cotswolds

The best way to describe Bath and the Cotwold’s is to think about every picturesque English town you’ve ever seen in the movies…Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Doctor Doolittle. Got a picture? Well, that is the Cotswolds.

The Disney World Honeymoon

You may have to share your Disney holiday with a throng of five-year olds and families on Spring break, but for an unforgettable honeymoon, surely ‘the most magical place on earth’ is a great place to start!

Tuscany: My Moment at San Felice

The rolling vineyards of Tuscany, a luxury hotel and a five course dinner by a renowned Italian chef, the story of our editor, Rachel’s, engagement.

Readymade Romance in Venice

From the sounds of the orchestra on Piazza San Marco to the orange sunset that brings calm over the entire city, if you can get over the two to one ratio of pigeons to people, Venice is the ideal honeymoon location.


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