10 Questions You Need To Ask Your Wedding Venue

 October 4, 2016

When it comes to planning a wedding, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, there are a few things that might seem like daunting tasks– finding the perfect wedding venue is one of them. As all brides know, finding an impeccable wedding venue can seem especially scary and stressful when you don’t know if you’re asking the right questions or not. So, to help you all navigate the wedding venue jitters that you might get from even just thinking about this, we did all the nitty gritty and found exactly what you should be asking when looking into finding the perfect wedding venue!

1. What dates do you have available? As much as all brides are to certainly have a date in mind it’s always important to consult to see if the venue you have in mind is actually available.
2. How many guests can you acommadate? If you are hoping for a really large wedding, make sure your venue can accommodate all your guests!
3. What services do you provide in your packages? No two venues are alike and neither are their services. Some venues offer in house catering, some bus tables and set up, some simply unlock the doors and the space is yours. Make sure you’re reading the fine print!
4. How long is the rental for? Are you the type to have a whole week of pre-wedding celebrations? Or do you plan to party into the wee hours of the morning? Then it’s important to know the time frame that you will be able to occupy the venue.
5. How much is the space itself and how much are the food and beverage minimums (if provided by the venue)? Be aware of how much you are paying for each thing, any additional fees, and don’t be afraid to consider an outside catering company, if allowed.
6. Who takes care of the linens? Some venues provide basic linens, some have upgrades available, and some don’t have them at all, and you’ll need to go to an outside rental company.
7. Who will be my main point of contact and who will be site that day? Make sure you are on a need to know basis with the venue coordinator in case you have any questions the day of the wedding. After all they are there to help you! Remember, a venue coordinator is NOT the same thing as a full service wedding planner.
8. What are the different options for utilizing your space, and how will our expected guests fit into our plans? Think outside the box when it comes to indoor/outdoor space, how guests can be seated, where the bridal party enters the ceremony from, etc. Just because a venue usually has the ceremony in THIS space, doesn’t have YOU have to. Ask the venue for fresh ideas and what they don’t see often!
9. What is the grand total amount after taxes and fees? Finally, the most common question, be aware you ask for the price after taxes, gratuity, and fees have been applied.

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