10 Things You Need To Care Of Post-wedding

 December 6, 2016

Once your wedding passes, so does your planning, right? Wrong! There are still a few more things that have to be done post-wedding. In the first few weeks of your life as a newlywed you’ll probably be living off that post wedding high, but next thing you know, you’ve been married for 4 months and you have just realized that you still have unused and unsent wedding favors and invitations sitting around.  Here is a list of 10 things that you’re going to want to get around to before your first wedding anniversary.

  1. Send out thank you cards: A few weeks ago we wrote a post on how to write the perfect thank you cards, have a look at this post to get all the details (plus templates!) on how to write the perfect thank you card.
  2.  Return or exchange any unwanted gifts: Even if you did have a registry, sometimes duplicates happen, so now is the time to exchange those for something else.
  3.  Purchase any gifts you still want that you didn’t receive: This is especially important, if there is something that you really had your eye on and didn’t get now is the time to get it! If you only received 4 out of the 6 table settings you had on your registry or 2 of out of the 4 towels now is the time to grab those items. and put those gift cards to use.
  4.  Have your wedding dress cleaned/preserved: If you plan on keeping your dress for a very long time (like most brides) you’re going to want to get your dress professionally cleaned. Even if your future daughters may not want to wear your dress it’s always a good idea to get your dress cleaned now, than waiting until a day where you might want to take your dress out and find you still have champagne and cake stains on your dress from all those years ago that have now set in.
  5.  Preserve your bouquet: Your flowers are one of the most beautiful details of your wedding so trying to preserve your bouquet of gorgeous flowers makes for an amazing keepsake. Can’t save your flowers? Try your husband’s boutonniere, it’ll make an exceptional keepsake just like your bouquet!
  6.  Order your wedding album: This might be one that gets forgotten way too often. After you’ve posted your digital photos all over Facebook and social media, you might forget to order your real life photos. This is a crucial to do item that needs to be crossed off your list if photos were part of your photography package, especially if you have already paid for them. So set a few hours aside for you and your spouse to go over your pictures and get your wedding album sorted.
  7.  Take a minute or two to review your vendors: It’s time for some good karma! After your wedding vendors have worked hard to make your special day possible it’s time to get on Yelp, Facebook or any wedding boards that you absolutely love and write some great reviews. Many people overlook writing reviews but they are critical when it comes to expanding a business—it’s not all about them though, writing reviews may also help other couples that are looking for some awesome vendors as well.
  8.  Return any items that weren’t used for your wedding: All those gold and silver frames that you bought that were originally going to be put to use as your wedding table numbers or photo booth backdrops and accessories, whatever you may have laying around that is unopened or unused, now it the proper time to return those. If on the off chance you can’t return them, think about passing them along onto a newly engaged friend!
  9.  Take down your wedding registry/website: They say it’s common etiquette that wedding guests have up to a year to send a wedding gift but if you don’t think that’s the case you might want to take down your wedding registry. If you’re paying to host your wedding website you’re going to want to take that down as well, and that’s one less cost you have to worry about.
  10.  Change your last name legally: If you choose to change your name, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Changing your name on Facebook or LinkedIn might be the easy step, but changing it legally takes a little more than changing your settings on social media.

So, are there any tasks that you might include in your post-wedding to do list?

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