10 Ways To Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding Day To The Fullest!

 June 16, 2016

You’ve planned, organized, analyzed your spreadsheets, worked with your coordinator, finalized details and checked off your list. The big day is almost here. Are you ready to make sure you soak it all in to the fullest? You’ve heard it before, but it really is true– it’ll fly by! We’ve got a few tips to make sure all your planning and hard work is put to good use and you enjoy every moment of your big day.

1. Leave your phone behind! You’ve hired a professional photographer, everyone you love is there with you– leave the digital distraction in your hotel room!
2. Remember to eat & hydrate! Don’t forget to have a small snack and lots of water, especially if you’re getting married outdoors in the heat and/or plan on drinking later in the evening.
3. Hire (at least) a day-of coordinator. Don’t want to worry about the caterer showing up late, or where that 18th table arrangement has gotten to? While were huge advocates of hiring a full coordination planner for the entire wedding planning process, if you haven’t done so already, invest in a day of coordinator. Trust us, it’s worth the money!
4. Speaking of professionals, don’t micro manage them. You’ve hired your vendors for a reason. Trust they know what they’re doing, and will do their jobs well!
5. Outsource the tips. While it’s never expected, it’s always appreciated to tip your vendors. Have the tips already arranged in labeled envelopes, and recruit someone trusted to hand them out as vendors arrive. You can also ask your coordinator to do this!
6. Take a few minutes with your new spouse! You’re officially married! Make sure to plan for a quick break with your new spouse– maybe right after the ceremony, before you sign your license. Just sneak away for 10-15 and soak in your first moments together, alone.
7. Don’t overbook. The morning of your wedding is inevitably chaotic– don’t try to pack in more than you need to. There will be plenty of time to say hello to everyone later, and don’t plan to be finishing any DIY projects that morning. Schedule yourself a little more time than you think you need so you have a cushion, and can relax!
8. Stay in the moment. Easier said than done, but do your best to take a deep breath and stay in the moment. It really does go by ultra-quickly!
9. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember– you can only control the controllables. If it starts raining, or a last minute delayed flight means your great aunt doesn’t make it in time, try to take it in stride. No large scale event goes off without a few small hiccups, and working yourself up into a fuss over something you have no power over won’t help anyone.
10. Have a glass of champagne! We are firm believers that a nice glass of champs improves everything!