10 Wedding Etiquette Rules You Must Follow (As A Wedding Guest!)

 May 15, 2019

Nowdays, weddings frequently buck the traditional. It should be about what reflects the two of you, not what tradition dictates you MUST do. That being said, there are still some rules that are in good taste to follow as a guest at a wedding.

1. Follow the Dress Code. Dress codes are usually a lot more lax these days, but if the invitation dictates something specific, follow it, especially if it’s on the more formal side. And please, for the love of all that is weddings, don’t wear white (unless the couple requests it.) It’s just in poor taste, no matter how much ‘the bride totally doesn’t care!’.

2. Put Your Phone Down. Of course you want to snap some pictures! That’s totally fine. But don’t live stream the entire ceremony or get in the way of the professional photographers and videographers trying to do their jobs (IE, standing in the middle of the aisle or blocking the couple) Be present and in the moment, more often than not.

3. Return your RSVP. Seriously, there’s no excuse! Couples work hard to plan for everyone in attendance. Don’t ignore sending your RSVP card. If you’ve lost it, just reach out and let them know, but definitely get in touch somehow. Don’t ghost and then show up day of unannounced!

4. Don’t Come Empty Handed. You should bring a gift. But if you’re unable, for whatever reason, at least bring a card with a thoughtful note written inside.

5. Don’t Drink & Drive Open bar? YAS. Still not an excuse to overindulge and get behind the wheel. Uber or Lyft, call a taxi or have a DD. No excuses.

6. Don’t Bring More Than Who Was Invited. The invitation states who is specifically invited. The Smith Family means the whole crew, kids included. Mr & Mrs Smith means just you and your boo. John Smith means just you, dude. Don’t RSVP for more than your invitation states and definitely don’t show up with extras. It puts everyone in an awkward spot and overextends the wedding professionals that have planned for a certain guest count.

7. Be polite! If you wouldn’t talk about it with your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents, don’t bring it up at a wedding. You don’t want to be known as that drunk guest that just HAD to talk controversial politics.

8. Introduce Yourself. Whether you’re riding solo at this wedding, or maybe you don’t know many people because you’re old college friends. That’s okay! Introduce yourself to someone new and strike up a conversation. You might find you have more in common than you think! If all else fails, congratulate the parents.

9. Be On Time! There’s nothing worse than opening those creaking church doors when the ceremony has already started. Yes, many weddings start late. Just come on time and mingle.

10. Don’t Forget to Sign the Guest Book! Or snap a photo, or whatever the couple has set up for guests. They want to remember you were a part of their celebration! Don’t leave without signing/snapping/writing/whatever floats their boat.

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