10 Wedding Trends We Love

 February 27, 2017

Our production assistant, Patrice, is recently engaged and taking you along on her wedding planning journey. Check back every other Monday for more real-life wedding planning insights.

As with all trends, wedding trends tend to quickly come and go. Some, we’re always happy to see on their way out, while others spark our imaginations and speak right to our hearts. 2017 is going to be full of some of the BEST wedding trends, which I am especially excited about since we’re getting married in August! We’re definitely going to be incorporating some of the hottest in-the-moment trends, including these 10:

1. Incorporating greenery in unexpected places
Yes, you’ve seen greenery draped across tables, accenting the bride and groom’s chairs, and tied into a flower crown or two. But this year will see couples incorporating greenery and florals in more unexpected ways. Think covering your furry friend’s leash, cascading down balloon strings, or accenting a rustic swing at the venue. I am determined to tie this theme into our day somehow, I just haven’t quite decided yet!

2. Ditching a set color scheme
Many brides are opting for a theme vs. a color pairing. For example, we decided to go with a “fresh peach” theme that ties in with the farming community of our venue and the in-season fruit.

3. Ultra-personalized details
Remember how your parents have a cocktail napkin tucked away in their wedding album personalized with their names and wedding dates? For awhile there, these details got swept away by mason jars and burlap, but we have good news for you – THEY’RE BACK! There are so many ways to incorporate sweet customized details into your day – from a custom sign, to fun drink stirrers, and even guest bibs for your delicious rib dinner!

4. Metallic accents
You’re bound to have some metallics throughout your wedding anyway, so why not play them up? I’m super excited about the gold silverware that we chose and how well it will tie in with some of gold accents throughout our table settings!

5. Local focus
Gone are the days of creating a “Pinterest Wedding” (that’s just like everyone else’s…) Couples are turning more and more to local inspiration to host an event that is completely unique to their area. From farm to table food and flowers, to a list of local things to do on your wedding website or in the guest’s welcome bags, we’re bringing it back home.

6. Drone photography & videography
There is something about this trend that I just love. Maybe it’s that you get to see an unbiased, unposed view of your day, or a view you would normally never have access to, but a drone definitely adds something special.

7. After parties
Just because the reception is over doesn’t mean the party has to end! Our venue only goes until 9 pm so we are planning a coordinated after party for anyone that wants to join. Add in some late-night snacks, and I am totally sold!

8. Mix-and-match bridesmaids
When it came down to what my girls would wear, I only had two requirements. The dress had to stay in a certain color scheme range, and that they were comfortable!

9. Unexpected florals
Wedding florals that feature a mix of colors, textures and unexpected details are on the rise. I’m planning on incorporating a lot of fresh fruit into my florals, which I think adds a huge unique element and a fun surprise.

10. Timeless Decor
Timeless doesn’t necessarily mean bland, but more so true to who you are as a couple. I saw this quote and had an instant “YAAAAS” moment:

“You should decorate your event the same way you’d decorate a home. And you wouldn’t put sequin linens on your dining room table if you lived in a craftsmen cottage.” Alison Laesser-Keck and Bryan Keck, founders of VLD Events