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12 Trendy Bachelorette Party Themes

 March 7, 2023

A Bachelorette Party Theme Idea For Every Type Of Bride

Bride’s Last Ride 


For brides who love cow print and all things western, this theme is for you. Whether you’re planning a party in or heading out on the town, this is a super fun and easy theme to incorporate. Pick up pink or black cowgirl hats for you and your squad, get some black and white balloons for a cow print balloon arch and you’re good to go! 


Last Disco 

This year, we anticipate retro-inspired disco-themed parties to continue being all the rage. This theme is for the fun-loving bride and group of gals. You can incorporate this theme using disco balls, bright colors, retro patterns and fashion, and more. 


Bride Or Die

For the edgy group or wild bride, we love this biker vibe. Hit the town wearing all leather or black. You can get fun skeleton decor, drink cozies, etc. 


Wig Out Bachelorette’s 


This is a great bachelorette party theme if you’re on a tight budget, but still want to do something fun. Grab a bright-colored wig for every person at your party and finish the look with matching sunglasses. You and your bright-colored hair tribe can dance the night away in style. 


I Found Love Island 

If you’re having a summer bachelorette party or heading to a warm destination, the ‘love island’ theme is perfect! If you’re not familiar with the popular reality tv show, you may not know, but the participants on the show basically lounge around an island villa in bikinis drinking from clear water bottles with your name. If you and your friends are fans of the show, then this is such a cute idea to consider. 


Bach & Bougie

Headed to Vegas? Time to get Bach and Bougie! I love this theme if you’re doing a fancy hotel getaway or resort in Vegas. Decorate your room with lots of gold and silver for this one and don’t forget a champagne tower. 


Back To The Roaring ’20s

This next theme is Great Gatsby and 1920s-themed, fit for the old souls and vintage lovers. Grab your feather boas, flapper dresses, and martini glasses! There are so many possibilities for this themed party.

Last Splash

Wanting to do a pool party? Call it the bride’s last splash! You and your bridal party can wear coordinating swimsuits and matching sunglasses while sipping mimosas poolside. This is a great theme for brides who prefer relaxing to getting wild. 


Boos, Before I Do’s

For brides getting married in late fall or winter, consider doing a bachelorette party that coincides with Halloween. This holiday makes the perfect excuse to hit the town with your gals in costume, celebrating your last single Halloween. Call your adventure ‘Boos before I do’s. 


Bach To The ’90s

Feeling nostalgic? Get creative with your bachelorette party and do a 90s theme! Grab a boombox, some brightly colored balloons, and a fun 90s outfit to wear. 


Mamma Mia, She’s Getting Married!

This next theme is for the free-spirited bride and group of gals. Spice up your bachelorette celebration with a mama mia theme and incorporate bright blue, greek inspired decor. 


Scottsdale Before The Veil 

Itching to go somewhere warm? Head to Arizona for a girls’ getaway! Scottsdale has become quite the destination for partying, shopping, and getting a nice tan without having to leave the states. Consider ‘Scottsdale Before The Veil’ if you want to travel for your bachelorette party. 

There are countless other themes and general bachelorette party ideas so feel free to be creative and do whatever feels right for you. Most importantly, have fun. Your bachelorette party is your last hurrah as a single lady with her friends. Cherish that special moment and take lots of pictures! Follow our social media pages for even more wedding bridal inspiration, and subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates on