15 First Dance Songs (That Stand The Test of Time!)

 November 6, 2019

Picking a song for your first dance is either really easy, or really difficult. If you have a single, specific song that’s ‘your song’– perfect! You’re done! But if you have a couple, or just want something timeless, it can be more difficult to make a good pick. We picked 15 of our favorites that will never go out of style, so on your 40th anniversary you’re not explaining to your kids that, no seriously, Gangham Style really was THE song of the year! Unless that’s your jam, in which case, please proceed.

1. ‘At Last’, by Etta James

2. Can’t Help Falling in Love’, by Elvis

3. ‘Everything’, by Michael Buble

4. ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’, by Paul McCartney

5. ‘You’re My Best Friend’, by Queen

6. ‘Then’, by Brad Paisley

7. ‘Your Love Amazes Me’, by John Berry

8. ‘Only Wanna By With You’, by Hootie and the Blowfish

9. ‘This Kiss’, by Faith Hill

10. ‘Luckiest’, by Ben Folds Five

11.’Make You Feel My Love’, by Adele

12. ‘You’re Still The One’, by Shania Twain

13. ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’, by Frank Sinatra

14. “I Will Follow You Into The Dark’, by Death Cab For Cutie

15. ‘All My Love’, by Led Zeppelin

BONUS: Have a song you love, but feel like it’s just not quite right for a first dance? See if your DJ or band can play an acoustic or instrumental version of it!

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