15 Must-Have Wedding Photos

 June 15, 2020

  1. Couple Portraits
    Of course, this is a given! To ensure that you and your photographer are on the same page, browse our galleries or do a Pinterest search for wedding portraits and save your favorites. This will give them an idea of your style and how you’d like to be portrayed.
  2. Family Photos
    Family photos can be complicated, but will be some of your favorites to look back on. To make it easier on everyone, coordinate a schedule with your photographer ahead of time that can be given to all family members. Then, prepare a list of the family members you’ll want to include, and the combination of groups. This will make getting through this series of snapshots a breeze for everyone!
  3. Bridal Party
    Of course, you’ll need to include photos of your bridal party! Consider if you want them all to be serious, or you want to throw in a few goofy shots as well. Make sure to get group photos, as well as individual snaps with these people who are so special to you!
  4. The Littles
    Have a ring bearer or flower girl? Maybe even a furry wedding attendant? Don’t forget to include them! These are some of the most fun to look back on as they get older.
  5. Accessories
    We know how much thought went into every little detail of your wedding. Have your photographer get shots of the rings, your shoes, jewelry, the groom’s tie, the groom’s watch, etc. All of the little things are what make your wedding day YOURS.
  6. Stationery
    Save a copy of your save the dates and wedding invitations and bring them with you on your wedding day. Photographers can create incredible trendy flat-lays with your wedding stationery.
  7. Decor
    Make sure your photographer gets pictures of the decor BEFORE the big party! Include florals, tablescapes, the ceremony spot, signage, and even just scenic shots of the property.
  8. Getting Ready
    Getting ready on your wedding day is such a special time. We highly recommend that you schedule enough time with your photographer to cover a few hours of both parties getting ready! The anticipation and love you’ll feel in those photos will be palpable for years to come.
  9. First Look
    Whether your first look is prior to the ceremony or as you walk down the aisle, you’ll want to make sure to capture the look on both the bride and groom’s face when you see each other for the first time. Also consider doing a first look with your father or any other important memories of your family.
  10. The Ceremony
    The ceremony is where it becomes really valuable to have two photographers because there is so much love and emotion to capture! From the guest’s reaction, to the wedding party, and of course the main event! And you’ll want your main photographer free to focus on capturing the biggest moment of all – the kiss!
  11. The Food
    People may not remember a lot of things about your wedding, but they will always remember the food! You’ll want to have photos of everything – the appetizers, the entree, and of course you can’t forget the desserts!
  12. The Guests
    Your guests have gone out of their way to come and celebrate your love. It will be fun to look back and remember all of the people that love you and how they came together on your special day.
  13. Dances
    Everyone loves the dances – first dance as a couple, father-daughter dance, and mother-son dance. Be sure to let your photographer know when these will be happening so that they can be ready to capture them on camera!
  14. The Exit
    Here’s an industry secret: many grand exit photos are staged well before the party is over! Coordinate with your photographer before they leave to capture an exit if you can’t afford to keep them all night.
  15. Don’t Forget The Candids!
    Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to ask for candid photos! As beautiful as staged portraits are, they will never be able to capture the raw love and emotions you can get through candid photos taken throughout the night.