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2023 Wedding Vibes That We Love

 January 30, 2023


Weddings continue to grow bigger and better every year. Last year we saw so many amazing wedding trends hit the scene, along with new traditions, multi-day wedding celebrations, and so much more. We can only expect that 2023 is going to be just as spectacular as far as weddings go. We’ve put together a list of wedding vibes that we predict to be hot and trending this year to help you while planning your upcoming wedding. 


8 Up & Coming Wedding Trends


1. Wavy Patterns/ Retro Trend



The Retro wedding trend was one that we saw a little last year, but we predict it to come back this year even stronger. Some brides incorporated this trend using wavy patterns, fun color combinations, and 70s-inspired decor. The maximalist style is slowly coming back in and we’re seeing a lot of colorful table-scapes with tall candles, fun glassware, and disco ball decor. We are definitely here for the disco ball trend!



2. Gloves & Fun Wedding Dress Sleeves 



Adding gloves or a fun sleeve to your wedding day look has become all the rage. Especially towards the end of 2022, we began seeing a lot of fun wedding sleeve variations with Winter weddings. This is a trend that we see carrying into the new year and being utilized by a ton of brides. Adding that certain special touch can really pull your entire look together. It’s also a great way to be unique and show some of your personality with your look. 



3. Multi-Day Wedding Celebrations 


Remember when weddings used to be one singular event? Weddings have now become a series of events strung together across the span of a weekend, or even possibly a week. People want to relax and enjoy the marriage process rather than rushing to get it all over within one night. We are seeing wedding planners and brides choose to do a rehearsal dinner and/or welcome party, ceremony, reception, and sometimes a morning-after brunch. You can do this at a smaller scale as well if you have a limited budget, but still want to make your wedding feel extra special. 


4. Grazing Tables & Charcuterie 



Whether it’s at your welcome party or reception, the charcuterie trend has become extremely popular in the culinary world. It’s diverse, easy, and fun to partake in. We are seeing a rise in the grazing table trend for weddings. It’s the perfect appetizer that doesn’t require any cooking and will keep your guests happy before dinner is served. 


5. Unique Bridal Looks



Having a unique bridal look has become a popular trend amongst recent brides. I enjoy this trend because it allows the bride to show some of her personality. We love seeing brides with a unique veil or headpiece, a fun shoe choice, or even a second look for the reception. A personal favorite is when brides switch into cute white sneaker instead of their heels for dancing. If you’re having a western style wedding, maybe consider white boots. Mix it up and don’t be afraid to be yourself even on your wedding day. 


6. Customized Details 



Another trend that we see being popular this year is including customized details. This could be done in a variety of ways from having your veil stitched with you and your fiance’s initials, an LED sign with your favorite saying as a couple, or a custom cake topper that has your dog on it. You don’t have to go as far as customizing everything about your wedding, but we think adding a few customized touches here and there can make the event really special. A personal favorite is having a bride and groom signature cocktail that your guests can choose from. 


7. Candid & Film Photography 




A huge trend that we are seeing consume the wedding world is candid and film photography. Wedding photography is really beginning to evolve from stiff, posed images to pieces of art. Wedding photographers are changing the way that they shoot weddings in the sense that they are more concerned about capturing the actual moments as they are happening, and less about posing for certain shots. The Film photography trend is also becoming more popular and we are seeing that being incorporated into wedding photos because they have such a unique perspective.


8. Dried Flowers 




The trend of sustainability is one that has been in for some time and we don’t predict it will be going anywhere anytime soon. We predict to see more brides use dried flowers and greenery as opposed to fresh-cut flowers because they are a sustainable choice that still looks beautiful. You can keep your flowers intact forever once they are dried so it will be much easier to preserve your bouquet if it is already dried. 



Wedding celebrations are only going to get better from here. Keep an eye out for these trends as wedding season rolls around, and maybe incorporate a few into your upcoming wedding! We can’t wait to see what this year’s wedding season will bring! Stay up to date with all things Apple Brides by signing up for our newsletter here. Follow us on Instagram for even more wedding trends, tips, and advice from the wedding pros.