4 Rehearsal Dinner Options To Consider

 March 13, 2017

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For some reason, the rehearsal dinner has been the hardest part of the wedding for me to plan BY FAR. (Please tell me I’m not the only one!) There are just so many different options that all have a long list of pros and cons that I am having a really difficult time narrowing it down or committing to one. So today I’m going to do a little bit of “thinking out loud” on rehearsal dinners – in hopes that it will help me (and you!) get just a little bit closer to deciding.

We recently bought a house, so we love the idea of a backyard rehearsal dinner. Our group will be fairly laid-back and this is a good option for people to play some yard games, grill up some food and enjoy a few beers. The low cost is a huge benefit and we LOVE that our dog can be there since he’s a little too old to attend the actual wedding. However, this option comes with a few (pretty big) cons. Mainly, it puts the pressure on us. We would be fully responsible for decorating, buying food and drinks, and clean up afterwards. It would also motivate us to get the yard in tip-top shape (which might be a good AND bad thing!)

This is probably the most popular wedding rehearsal dinner option, and for a good reason! At a restaurant, everything will be taken care of for you; from the set up, to the music and food, and of course the clean up! There are many options in Spokane that have private rooms that you can either rent or that require a simple order minimum. A restaurant dinner won’t be the most affordable option, and it may end up feeling pretty formal. If we decide to go this route, I think we’ll opt for a less formal (and budget saving!) cocktail hour or family style buffet.

Catered Space
This is one rehearsal dinner option that I think often gets overlooked. There are a lot of great downtown wineries or spaces that are the perfect size for a rehearsal dinner and either offering catering on site or allow you to bring in an outside caterer. This is a nice middle of the road option. It allows you to do something a little out of the box, and host your guests in a fun and unique space. This option is enticing to us for that reason and because it can be surprisingly affordable!

Your Venue
Have you considered having your rehearsal dinner at your actual venue? It gives your guests the opportunity to enjoy your venue without the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. And because many wedding venues aren’t booked on Friday nights, you may be able to score a deal. You can also show off a different part of your venue – maybe another ballroom in a hotel or an inside vs. outside space at a rustic barn. This might not be the best option for you if you’re trying to highlight different aspects of your town, or want to host a rehearsal dinner that is completely opposite your wedding in style.

What did you do for your rehearsal dinner and what did you love about it? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear your inspiration!