5 Mistakes Every Bride Makes When Wedding Planning

 July 26, 2016

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re planning your wedding because, let’s face it, you’ve (probably) never done this before! We’re here to talk about 5 super common oversights that brides make all the time so hopefully, you can avoid them.

1. Not doing what YOU (and your spouse!) want to do. Bottom line, weddings are a reflection of YOU both. Not what your parents think you should do, not what tradition says, and certainly not what all your friends say you just haaave to have! If you and your soon-to-be spouse want to do something, you should do it. Don’t let the weight of other people’s opinions overshadow what you both want for your big day.
2. Not thinking of guests. At the same time, this celebration is a party, that you’re hosting for guests. So you should be conscientious of that! Making sure there’s enough facilities, cool water during hot months, and not demanding that great aunt Mildred stand at your ceremony just because the rest of your guests are standing are all great examples of making sure your guests feel welcomed and taken care of at your wedding. There’s a fine line between ‘weddings are for the couple’ and ‘weddings are a party for the guests’. Walk is carefully.
3. Not hiring professionals! Listen, we get it. Your neighbor has a great camera and can take pictures and your cousin REALLY wants to do bouquets for your bridal party! Think of how much money you can save! However, time and time again we see last minute calls from brides who are CRAZY stressed because a family member has backed out, or flaked. Or even worse, brides that don’t realize until AFTER their wedding that, turns out, their amateur photographer neighbor actually isn’t that great of a photographer and completely botched ALL their photos! (It happens more than you think!) Do everyone a favor and just hire professionals. There’s someone for every budget, no matter what, that will do great, professional work.
4. You cram too much into the day. Another reason a professional planner is a must– they’ll create, and manage, a realistic day-of timeline that fits everything into your big day, but still allows time to take a deep breath and soak it all in. Brides are inclined to think that you can totally fit family photos with 83 family members, dog photos, a quick run to the store and time to touch up your makeup all in that hour before the ceremony, and trust us, you can’t.
5. You forget to eat! Never, you say! Always, we say. Believe it or not, forgetting to eat is super coming on a busy wedding day. However, it’s important to take time to have a small meal in the morning while getting ready, some nourishing snacks throughout the day, and make sure to grab  plate of that amazing food you had catered in the evening! Staying full is an important part of staying energized (no one likes getting hangry) and especially important if you plan on drinking at your reception!

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