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5 Tips for Ordering Your Wedding Cake

 August 15, 2018

Going traditional for dessert and ordering a wedding cake? Here are 5 of our best tips you may not have thought of. Don’t order without reading this!

1. Big guest list? Order sheet cakes! Tiered cakes can get expensive, fast. If you’ve got a big guest list, save some coin by ordering a small cake to cut, and ordering sheet cakes of the same flavor. Your venue or catering staff can keep the sheet cakes in the back and after you cut your small cake, they cut, plate and serve the sheet cakes. The guests get the same cake as you and never know it wasn’t from your fancy tiered cake. Between the size of the structured cake and decorating charges, you’ll save tons of money.

2. Choose multiple flavors that YOU like. Too many people stick with just one flavor of cake and opt for a people pleaser. but why order chocolate if you and your fiancé hate it, just because you think that’s what people want? Order multiple flavors and be sure to pick something you both love. It is your cake after all!

3. Don’t be scared of unique flavors. You’d be surprised how good passion fruit filling or champagne cake is. Don’t knock it until you’ve tasted it!

4. Keep the weather in mind. It’s probably not wise to order a cake covered in buttercream if you’re getting married in the middle of August and your cake is going to sit in the sun for 4 hours before you cut it. Ask your bakery what they recommend for your season to ensure you order a cake that will hold up well no matter the time of year.

5. Think twice before saving that top tier. While it is a fun tradition, unless it’s wrapped and saved professionally, we hate to break it to you but that top tier of cake isn’t going to make it a year in the freezer. Skip the pain and just plan to order a smaller version of your wedding cake (For two, please!) to help celebrate your first anniversary. If you do plan to save the top tier regardless, be sure to not count it in the size of your cake. If you order a cake for 100 but don’t serve the top tier, you actually only are serving enough cake for 80.