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5 Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Wedding Stress-Free

 October 13, 2022

Weddings are not only stressful to plan but just as stressful to put on, especially for the bride. Between the nervous jitters of preparing to walk down the aisle, to stressing over every last tiny detail, you’ll want to plan ahead as much as you can in order to prevent some stress. We’ve compiled the best recommendations for the bride in order to make your big day as stress-free as possible. Follow these 5 tips and tricks for a stress-free wedding planning process. 


1. Use the day of to mentally prepare yourself



You are about to undergo a huge life change! This is no small deal. Use the morning of to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead, and practice some self-care so that you feel extra relaxed. This is a great opportunity to write down a few goals that you have for this new chapter of your life. Envision yourself as a wife and what that looks like to you. Do a face mask (one that you’ve done before, no need to have an allergic reaction the morning of your wedding day), de-puff your under-eyes with a cold compress or ice facial, and take a moment to be mindful of everything around you. You want to take in every moment of bliss that is your wedding day, starting with the calm before the storm. 



2. Plan ahead as much as possible



Hiring a wedding planner will take a huge amount of work and stress off your plate, but it can get pretty expensive. If you’re tackling the wedding planning yourself or with help, aim to plan as much as you can ahead of time. This seems like a no-brainer, but I’m talking even the tiny details down to exact times. Give everyone in the bridal party a role or job, even if it’s minimal like to bring you an allergy pill that morning. This takes small tasks off your plate and will give everyone something to do. Prep what you can in advance like party favors, flower girl and ring bearer details, bachelor and bachelorette parties, etc. The more you can get done prior, the better you’ll feel on the morning of your wedding. 

wedding planner

wedding plannerwedding planner


3. Create + Share a ‘Wedding Day Timeline’



Creating a timeline of your wedding day events with exact times, will be extremely helpful for everyone involved in the wedding planning process. Construct your timeline on a google document and share it with everyone. It may be helpful to include driving instructions to the venue with clearly stated starting times for the ceremony and reception. 



4. Assign a ‘Keeper of the Bride’s Phone’



Assign one person, typically the maid of honor or whoever you trust most, to hold onto your cell phone and field any texts and calls you receive throughout the day. The last thing you want is to be buried in your phone on your wedding day, stressing over responding to the many people that will likely be trying to contact you. You shouldn’t turn your phone off altogether in case there’s an emergency situation, but assigning one person to be ‘the keeper of the phone’ is an efficient way to avoid stress. 



5. Put together an ‘Emergency kit’


Assemble an ‘emergency kit’ for yourself and the bridal party filled with the essentials you may need for getting ready. Items such as blotting paper, hair spray, fashion tape, mints, scissors, disposable cameras, and whatever else you think you’ll need or want while getting ready. Throw in some water bottles and snacks as well because you’ll be too busy and/or nervous to eat a full meal. Last but certainly not least, I advise you to bring a comfortable shoe. Either a white sneaker or sandal will do, as long as it’s some kind of alternative to your heels. You’ll want to dance the night away with your new husband and will probably be more than ready to ditch your heels. 





I hope these tips are beneficial in preparing for your big day. Just remember that your wedding day is about you and your significant other. Though it can be frustrating, stressful, and overwhelming, try and remember to relax and enjoy yourself. You only get to have a wedding every so often so take advantage of it!