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5 Ways To Add Personality To Your Wedding

 June 15, 2018

In the days of Pinterest and inspiration overload, it can be easy to create a gorgeous wedding, no matter your budget. Something that can get lost in the shuffle, however, is your personality as a couple. This is an aspect you don’t want to overlook because it’s something that you and your guests will remember for years to come! Here are 5 simple ways to add personality to your wedding and make it totally yours:

Get creative with table numbers

We love couples that get creative with their table numbers! It’s an easy way to insert a bit of personality AND it’s a great conversation starter for your guests. We’ve seen pictures of a couple’s relationship where each year they were together corresponds to a different table number, or superhero emblems for those comic enthusiasts. Some even tell a story of places they’ve traveled as a couple, or quotes describing what they love about one another.

Craft signature cocktails and food menus

Who doesn’t get excited about custom drinks and food? A “his and hers” version is really fun and helps both families get to know a little more about the person their loved one is marrying. Don’t be afraid to get punny with the names or feature totally opposite options. Maybe you love tacos and she loves mac and cheese – they say opposites attract and chances are they’ll be something for everyone!

Give favors with meaning

Favors are best when they have a clear meaning behind them. We love little bags featuring each of the newlywed’s favorite candies or a bag of popcorn because that’s your favorite snack to share together. Local favors are having a huge moment right now, and it’s a great opportunity to give your guests a glimpse into your hometown and what’s most important to you.

Think outside the box for a guestbook

Can you remember the last time you actually saw a plain old guestbook? Couples are really starting to think outside the box by having guests sign something they would actually want to display in their house. Think custom wood rounds, longboards, or even a framed engagement picture. Or, if you’re not into displaying everyone’s name in your house, consider doing a polaroid guestbook! Most of your guests will love snapping a photo of themselves and it will really give you some fun memories to look back on.

Tell stories

The best way to add personality to your wedding is to use every opportunity to tell your story. From your vows to your exit, try to add a little bit of yourselves to each moment. Feature photos of loved ones who have passed or have your DJ or band dedicate a song to them. Have someone tell your love story during either the ceremony or reception. It will be new to most of your guests and the ones who have heard it will love to hear it again as you commit to one another!