5 Wedding Dress Trends For 2023

 June 5, 2023

It’s 2023! We are breaking rules in fashion, tradition, and whatever we feel like. 

There are many variations of wedding dresses in today’s age and a style suited for every bride. Fashion trends are ever-changing, and bridal fashion trends circle in and out. Last year we began seeing some crazy unique wedding gowns in fun styles. We predict that this year’s brides will continue bringing creativity and personality when it comes to wedding attire. 


  • Fun sleeves 

We started seeing brides with fun sleeves a few years back and the trend only seems to gain popularity as time goes on. Adding a sleeve to your dress gives it a special touch that simple sleeveless dresses don’t have. There are so many sleeve options too – you don’t have to be a fall or winter bride to wear them! We have seen gowns with flowy balloon-like sleeves, sheer lacey ones, ‘off-the-shoulder’ sleeves, and many more.

Dress is from Honest In Ivory

  • Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics are coming into trend and we are here for it. Fabrics like tulle and chiffon give bridal gowns a ‘sheer’ appearance that looks romantic and elegant. There are many ways to incorporate sheer moments with your wedding dress, or add a fun pair of sheer gloves instead!

Dress is from Honest In Ivory.

  • Raised Hemlines

Recently, brides have been switching to a shorter or mini dress for the reception, incorporating a bridal mini into their wedding day looks. Shorter hemlines on wedding gowns have been a recent trend on the rise. With the popularity of spring and summer weddings, it only makes sense to go with a wedding midi or mini gown.

Dress is from Hannah Hill Bridal. 

  • Tight Silhouettes

It used to be that bigger was better when it came to wedding gowns, however, this is far from true. We predict that body-hugging silhouettes will continue their rise in popularity as opposed to the traditional ball gown type.

Dress is Marcellas Bridal. 

  • Incorporating Color

Life is too short not to have a little fun! Why not incorporate color somehow? As long as it’s still tasteful. We predict that this year’s brides will step outside the box of tradition and incorporate more color into their wedding day looks. We are eager to see how it is done, whether it is with eyeshadow, flowers, or directly on the wedding dress.

Dress is by Bridal Collections. 

Wedding dresses continue to become more intricate, detailed, unique, and fun. Looking for your dream dress? Check out our vendor directory under ‘attire’ for local wedding dress boutiques and more. 


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