5 Wedding Traditions You Can Definitely Ignore

 May 23, 2016

We love traditions because they honor the unique history behind a marriage ceremony and they’re fun to replicate. On the other hand, it’s important to feature traditions that mean something to you as a couple. You don’t want to spend time and resources on your special day doing something just because “it’s just what you do at weddings!” That’s why we’ve decided to give you a little history on some of the wedding traditions that you can definitely ignore as you plan your big day. (And what you can do instead!)

Photo by Heather Mayer Photographers

1. White Wedding Dress Did you know that there is no official reasoning behind wearing white for your wedding day? In 1840, Queen Victoria stepped outside tradition to don an all white gown for her wedding. Her choice was widely publicized and quickly became popular as brides wanted to emulate the Queen. Soon after, people began associating white with purity and innocence. Long story short? We started wearing white as a break in tradition, so feel free to break the white tradition to be a trendsetter of your own!

Photo by Liz Robinson Photography

2. Wedding Party  Legend has it that bridesmaid and groomsmen were to dress similar to the bride and groom in order to confuse evil spirits or jealous suitors and keep them from ruining the wedding day. Needless to say, these are not big concerns of the modern wedding. So feel free to mix your wedding party up! Mismatch dresses and suits, and even mix up the “bride’s party” and the “groom’s party.” In today’s world, there’s no need to break your wedding party up by gender!

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3. Bouquet & Garter Toss Dating back to the 14th century, it was believed that portions of the bride’s dress would bring good luck to the wedding guests. The traditions of the bouquet and garter toss were literally a way to keep your savage friends and family from attacking the happy couple. How romantic right? We suggest transforming this antiquated tradition into something a little more modern. Have a friend or family member that’s engaged? Gift them your bouquet to wish them good luck in their marriage.

Photo by Amy Stone Photography

4. Traditional Veil There are a ton of different stories about veils in history, none of them particularly romantic. From scaring off evil spirits, to keep the bride from running away (YIKES), to the lifting of the veil during the ceremony to symbolize consummating the marriage, they are all pretty outdated. Veils can be gorgeous, but maybe consider another headpiece like a flower crown or a jewel encrusted hair piece.

5. Extravagant Honeymoon The tradition of honeymoons have changed significantly over time. Starting in 19th century Britain, a newly married couple would take a trip after the wedding to visit friends and family that couldn’t make it to the celebration. In a not-so-friendly version, brides were often kidnapped by their grooms in early times, and the honeymoon was a period of time for the bride’s family to stop looking for her or for her to get pregnant. The actual word “honeymoon” comes from the lunar period the couple would spend celebrating and the honey wine they would drink. No matter which version of history you choose to believe, it can definitely be hard to pay for an entire wedding AND an extravagant honeymoon. A mini-moon is a much more affordable option that will still give you a chance to enjoy your newly wedded bliss!