7 Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Do The Week Before Your Wedding

 March 29, 2017

Everyone knows you should try your best to relax and enjoy yourself the week of your wedding, but that’s easier said than done, right? There’s also more to it than that. We’re sharing 7 things you should definitely avoid the week before your wedding, besides stressing out, of course!

1. Getting a facial. Getting a peel, microderm abrasion, or a facial the week before your wedding is NOT a good idea. Besides not knowing how your skin will react, you risk dealing with redness, peeling or unfamiliar texture on your big day. Changing your beauty routine at all is generally not advised upon, for the same reasons.
2. Drinking too much! We know, we know. You’re celebrating! But hear us out. Drinking too much, whether its alcohol, coffee or even soda can result in bloating, skin issues and bags under your eyes, among other things. Not to mention no even ever described a hungover person as ‘radiant and glory’!
3. Not getting enough sleep. Again, this should be a given, but we know it can be difficult. However, beauty sleep really is just that– one of the biggest beauty secrets out there. So if you want to look stunning on your big day, make sure you’re clocking 8 hours.
4. Getting a tan. Tanning naturally, or getting a fake tan (although sunless is best!) can leave you with burns, orange spots, flaky skin and uneven color. Opt for bronzer is you want that sun kissed look!
5. Forgetting to break in your shoes. An often overlooked task, who wants to wear new shoes for 12 hours the first time they wear them? Break those new heels in by wearing them around the house for a couple hours at a time the week before. If they’re tight, try the socks & blow dryer trick on them!
6. Change your hair drastically. Again with the beauty routine advice. Are you seeing a theme? Don’t schedule a cut or dye job the week of your wedding. Give yourself enough time to adjust, and deal with any potential missteps if you don’t like your new hairdo.
7. Try any contact sports or potentially dangerous adventures. This is great advice for grooms as well! No one wants to walk down the aisle with a broken arm or open gashes, right?

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