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7 Unique Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

 August 1, 2023

Have you ever experienced something magical that you wanted to hold onto forever?


That’s how we feel about preserving your wedding bouquet. 


Your wedding day is such a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience that comes and goes in a blink of an eye. Of course, you will have photos to look back on and remember that special day, but why not save your bouquet as well?


Why Save My Bouquet 


Flowers can cost a fortune, and are so gorgeous while they’re fresh! Did you know that you can preserve your flowers to contain that beauty forever? There are ways to preserve your bouquet and keep them for your memory forever. 


Ways To Preserve Your Bouquet



This first option involves hanging your florals or bouquet upside down using string to bind and tie them up. You will want to hang them in a dry, cool, and dark space until they are completely dried. It’s extremely important in the process of preserving your florals to completely dry them out. If there is still liquid or moisture in the flowers and you attempt to frame them or do anything with them they may start to mold (which you do not want). 


Pressed & Framed 

Most of the ways you will preserve your wedding day florals will involve pressing the flowers. Pressing them means flattening them by using a flat surface and heavy objects. The process of pressing the flowers removes all of the liquid from the flowers, completely drying them out. Once they are pressed and flat you can display them in a frame and hang them in your forever home!


In A Phone Case


For a fun and nontraditional way to display your wedding florals, consider having them preserved into a phone case! Just think, every time you look at your phone (which is probably often) you will be transported back to your special day. 


This is a service that The Petite Pansy offers along with many other forms of floral preservation. Check out her social media pages for examples of her phenomenal work. 



Another great way to preserve your flowers is having them flattened and made into resin bookends! These make a stunning shelf decor piece for your home that you and your husband can enjoy. 



For another great home decor piece, you can have your wedding florals preserved into coasters to display on your coffee table. Check out The Petite Pansy’s coasters and bookends here.


Jewelry Tray 

Have pressed flowers from your bouquet made into a resin jewelry tray to display in your bedroom.



Lastly, you can also use the pressed flowers in pendant jewelry and have it made into a necklace. 


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