8 Must-Have Paper Goods/Stationery Items For Your Wedding

 September 1, 2023

What Are Stationery Items?


All the stationery featured in this blog post are by Mango Ink!

Stationery items are the paper goods that will be used at and for your wedding. Think invitations, thank you cards, save the dates, etc. 


Do I Need To Include Stationery? 


It is certainly not necessary to incorporate all of the paper goods that we listed below. You can pick and choose which stationery items will fit into your budget and that you wish to include. There is also the option to create any of your stationery items digitally if you are on a tighter budget but still want to incorporate some of the extra items! Check out some of the digital stationery platforms here.

If you are planning your wedding and need some guidance as to what stationery you should include, read the following! 


8 Stationery Items To Consider For Your Wedding


  • Save The Dates

‘Save the date’ cards are an optional send-out to communicate with your guests the wedding date. This gives your guests a heads-up for planning and saving purposes. Older generations have used save-the-date cards for many years as part of their wedding traditions. You certainly do not have to use physical printed paper for your save the dates if you do not choose – virtual or e-vites are perfectly acceptable. Many platforms allow you to design and send your own! 


  • Wedding Invitations 

For your actual wedding invitation, we recommend purchasing psychical printed invitations over virtual ones because they add a special touch. Your photographer can include the invitation in their detail photography, and you can hold onto a copy to cherish in the years to come. If you are feeling creative you can design your invitations as well, or use a stationary company like Mango Ink. 


  • Guest Book

The guest book creates such an amazing opportunity for the guests to write a special note or piece of advice for the happy couple. The bride and groom can read through the book once they return from their honeymoon and for many years to come. It becomes such a special memento to have. 


  • Welcome Sign 

The welcome signage does not necessarily have to be paper! We have seen past brides use mirrors, tapestries, planks of wood, and other materials. The welcome sign usually incorporates the couple’s name or initials, along with the date. Having this customized touch makes your wedding feel personalized and magical. 


  • Seating Chart Signage 


Another important piece of signage to include is a seating chart or sign that directs guests when finding their seats for the ceremony. If you aren’t doing a seating chart your sign can say ‘‘Choose a seat on either side. We’re all family once the knot is tied.’’ or something similar. If you are doing a formal seating chart your sign can include information about which side of the aisle belongs to which family. 


  • Place Cards 

Depending on your seating chart assignments, you can include place cards at the tables in the reception area. The place settings communicate to your guests where they should sit. This is not a necessary stationary item, however, it adds an element of organization to your event. 


  • Wedding Day Timeline 

Including stationary that shows guests and bridal party members the wedding day timeline of events can be extremely helpful. Having this visual aid will help keep your wedding on time, and communicate with everyone the timing of when things will take place. 


  • Thank You Cards 

Image: Pinterest

Thank you cards are meant to be sent to your guests post-wedding for attending the wedding and if they provided a gift. It’s important to make your guests feel appreciated for coming to your wedding and bringing a gift. You can send virtual thank-you’s if it’s better for your budget, but the physical ones work great as well.

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