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9 Ways To Make Sure Your Wedding Is Timeless, Not Trendy

 February 1, 2018

There’s a fine line between timeless and trendy. A few trendy elements never hurt anyone, but we all know how it can feel to look back on photos and wonder what the heck you were thinking. I mean, hello, have you ever seen wedding photos from the 80’s? Enough said. So, of course, you want to make sure your wedding is trendy and current, but will stand the test of time. Beacon Hill Catering & Events is sharing 9 ways to make sure you do just that!

1. Make your entry pop! We’ve seen a surge in fun welcome signs and entry décor over the last couple of years. These are not only great because they are cute, they can also help inform your guests to make for a relaxing, enjoyable wedding day.

2. Make your photos glow with natural light film photography. Here at Beacon Hill, we are in love with film! And with so many spots on the grounds for natural light photography, it’s a lovely fit. Film has beautiful texture and makes colors pop and skin tones glow. Who would want to remember their wedding day in such a lovely way?

3. Pay attention to your place settings. A dressed-up place setting will never go out of style. Think of a fun way to personalize it to you and your groom. Or add a fun treat to spoil your guests!

4. Add some bistro lighting! Bistro lighting is soft and elegant. It makes every moment more memorable and every image more magical. And, oh, those filament bulbs give us all the old-fashioned feels. We know this look has been around for a while, but we don’t see it going anywhere soon!

5. Bring on the greenery! Here at Beacon Hill, we’ve always been in LOVE with greenery. Our lush gardens create a magical backdrop to any wedding. We believe the trend of adding more greenery and natural elements to your wedding décor will never go out of style!

6. Say yes to sweets! At Beacon Hill, we’ve been doing weddings long enough to know that not everyone likes cake. It’s just a fact. Why not make your desserts more enjoyable for all by finding a mixture of desserts and cake to offer (like our Beacon Hill Wedding Dessert Table) and selecting something that fits your own style? Trends that create happy guests are always in style.

7. Find one or two specialty cocktails. We love the idea of offering one or two specialty cocktails for your special occasion. Your choice can convey your style and taste, as well as offer a fun way to have liquor without overdoing it.

8. Your wedding guests are like family, serve them that way! Some of our favorite memories in life happen around the family table, sharing and enjoying dishes. Why not enjoy a family style meal on your wedding day? It’s the perfect balance of serving your guests, but allowing them to relax and have a memorable evening. At Beacon Hill Catering & Events, we’ve also found that a family style meal serves as a great ice breaker to wedding guests meeting for the first time.

9. Splurge on a getaway car! A fun car to leave the evening is such a nice touch and one of our favorite trends that has been around for as long as we can remember. Beyond that, it makes for a safe, easy departure from your special day!

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